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TEAMS: Each team will consist of a minimum of 8 players of at least three different skill levels (A – B – C). A duel match will consist of four doubles matches played each Thursday evening. The following levels of players will be used in each position:

Court 1 - “A” players
Court 2 - “A” or “B” players
Court 3 - “B” or “C” players
Court 4 - “B” or “C” players (not 2 “B” players)

Captains must place their players at the proper level. Players may play up to fill a vacancy but not play down from their assigned level.

MATCHES: Matches will be played on Thursday evenings from 5:00-8:00 as determined by the schedule. Each match will be 2 out of 3 sets and APTA rules of play prevail. Tie-breakers will be played at 6 all in each set. It is permissible to play individual matches in advance of the schedule date if agreed to by both teams. Teams may add a player during the season but the player must be approved by all the team captains prior to the first match played . A sub is allowed to play and scores will count.  If more players are available to play on a specific evening, the captains will schedule as many match as possible.

ELIGIBILITY: Each player in the league must be an IPTA member (included in your entry fee) and one of the following:
a) a court owner
b) a family member of a court owner
c) a '11 - '12 member of Highland, Woodstock, Meridian Hills or Carmel
Racquet Club

POINTS: One (1) point will be awarded to each team for each set won and the winner of the match shall earn an additional point. (EX: If you win 2 out of 3 sets, your team will earn 3 points and the losing team will earn 1 point.) The League Standings will be posted at and updated weekly.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Both captains will determine if conditions are playable. The decision should be made before 4 pm the day of the match. Any canceled match must be made up within 2 weeks, otherwise the match will be recorded as “not played” and neither team will be awarded any points.

REPORTING: The home team must report their scores on the Friday following the match. All matches should be recorded on the official match card and faxed or e-mail to the Carmel Racquet Club. The fax number is 844-9709 and the e-mail address is

BALLS: All players will provide 1 APTA approved balls for each match. Use 1 ball for each set unless both teams agree to use a ball for more than 1 set. The winning team should take home any unused balls.

DISPUTES: A grievance committee of no fewer than 3 members shall be selected and chaired by the League Director and will solve all disputes.

DEFAULTS: A 20 minute grace period will be extended for late arrival. It is not mandatory that a match be forfeited should a player arrive late. The final call is in the hands of the team waiting on the player. Every effort should be made to play matches at the scheduled times. If matches must be canceled, defaults will start with the fourth position, then the third position, etc.

INTERRUPTION OF PLAY: In case of inclement weather, both teams determine if conditions warrant a temporary or permanent halt to the match. Scores or each court should be recorded at the time of the stoppage and the match should resume from that point.

Good Luck!

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