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1. Flights 1, 2, 3, and 4 are to field four teams. Flights 5, 6, and 7 are to field three teams. Play will be team #1 vs. team #1 from the opposition, #2 vs. #2, etc., in a two-out-of-three-set match with a tie-breaker at 6-6 in all sets.

2. Matches start promptly at 10 a.m. or earlier by mutual agreement on Tuesdays (flights 1-4) and Thursdays (flights 5-7). When only 2 or 3 courts are available, stagger matches. Starting times: teams #1 and #2 at 10 a.m., unless by mutual agreement of both team captains. The home team captain is responsible for contacting the visiting captain and arranging matches and times.

3. Only new APTA-approved balls will be used for MIPTL matches.

4. DEFAULTS: In the event that one or more teams are not able to play, and if none of the matches have begun, the default or defaults will start with the bottom position. (Team #4 moves to #3 position, #3 moves to #2, etc.) A team may be defaulted 20 minutes after the agreed scheduled starting time. However, the match should be played.

5. Matches may be postponed ONLY in case of unplayable conditions (heavy rain, snow, sleet, or ice). Good judgment concerning player safety is advised. It is the responsibility of both captains to make the decision to postpone to the scheduled makeup date. Please do not cancel a match prematurely!
If the courts are not playable at the host club, perhaps the matches could be switched to the visiting team’s courts. It is the responsibility of the home team captain to ensure that the home courts are in playable condition (i.e., the courts must be cleared at least ½ hour before the agreed-upon playing time). If the home courts are not playable, the matches may be played at the opponents’ courts only if mutually agreed upon prior to the ½ hour leeway. If the above conditions are not adhered to, the home team must default the matches.
In case of a school “snow day,” no team is obligated to play. The home captain is responsible for arranging postponed matches. The makeup time for the Tuesday matches is Friday morning. The makeup time for the Thursday matches is Monday morning. Whoever cannot play on that day (assuming there is good weather) must default. However, if mutually agreeable to both teams, a match may be made up before the makeup day. If the match cannot be played on the first Friday (for Tuesday matches) or first Monday (for Thursday matches) because of weather, the match is to be played on the first fair-weather, established makeup day (meaning Friday or Monday, according to your flight). The most current makeup match takes precedence.

6. Any matches scheduled to be played the week of midwinter recess may be rescheduled on a date agreeable to both captains.

7. The home club provides balls and refreshments.

8. SCORING: Each team that wins its match earns 2 points for its club for team #1, 1.5 points for team #2, and 1 point for teams #3 and #4. Flight winner moves up one Flight for the next season. Lowest score in each Flight moves down. If 2 teams are tied at the end of the season, head to head match-up breaks the tie. It is at the discretion of the Board to mov e teams up or down as deemed necessary for scheduling purposes or in order to balance the flights.

9. If a team member is injured during play and is unable to continue the match, the injured team will default.

10. Matches that have been in progress but are interrupted by weather must be resumed with the same team members at a mutually agreeable time within one week. Play resumes from exactly where it stopped.

a. Challenges between flights within your club must be completed prior to the first MIPTL match.
b. Captains are expected to field the best possible competition at all levels. When a substitute is used, a captain must feel that the teams are placed in the best order according to strength (i.e., #1 can beat #2, #2 can beat #3, etc.).

a. A player may substitute in a higher flight twice and not lose her team status. A PLAYER CAN NEVER SUBSTITUTE BELOW HER ESTABLISHED FLIGHT (see 12b).
b. Any player who plays more than twice on a given team becomes a member of that team.

13. A club may field two teams in the same flight if it has enough courts to handle the match load, and if scheduling permits. It will be the Board’s decision to determine whether a club is eligible. (See also rule 22, however.)

14. It is the responsibility of the home team captain to mail or fax each week’s scores within 24 hours to the appropriate scorekeeper. PLEASE!

15. Captains are expected to have the roster of their teams completed on the score sheet prior to the match.

16. Practice serves should be taken before the start of play.

17. If partners do not agree on a close call, it is suggested that a let be called and the point replayed. (Discretion is advised.)

18. APTA rules of play shall govern all matches unless otherwise specified in the MIPTL rules. Don’t forget: There are no more let serves. If the serve lands in the service box, the ball is in play, even if it has touched the net.

19. FOOT FAULTS: If there is a foot fault, a warning should first be given to the offender. If there is a disagreement, an outside observer or observers must be requested to call foot faults.

20. Yellow clothing is not permitted during play.

21. If a player “carries” the ball or has a double hit, it must be called by the player who has hit the ball, and the opponents get the point.

22. You may not play for two different clubs within the MIPTL during a season. As each team in a given flight is considered as a separate club, this means that a player may not play for two different teams within a given flight even if both teams are from the same club.

23. If your club has more than one team, the team captain from the highest flight is responsible for handling payment of the MIPTL dues.

a. If a team fails to follow any of the above rules, it may be asked by the Board to forfeit one or more points.
b. A team wishing to lodge a protest will inform the President of the protest by phone the day on which the incident occurred, followed by a letter within three days.

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