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Bronxville Super Scrambles
Eastern States

Bronxville NY
by William Moss
Platform Tennis enthusiast writes his first hand experiece of his participation in the 37th Annual Bronxville Super Scrambles held at Bronxville Village, Bronxville Field Club, Siwanoy CC, and Fox Meadow in November.

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Bronxville Had a Super Scrambles
submitted by Bill Moss

November 6th and 7th Bronxville Paddle held its 37th Annual Super Scramble. I am not going to inundate you with the generic information that you can find in line information rather this will be the prospective of a first time participant. Play started roughly at 8:30 Saturday morning and Paddle Players are no different then most people, it can be hard getting out of bed for an early am competition on a Saturday no matter how nice a day it has turned out to be.  Up I get up at 6AM do a light work out to loosen up; which includes lifting free weights. I pack my equipment bag sure that I had remembered everything I take one more look around the room and there is my paddle staring back at me as if to say “what, there’s no room in the bag for me “.

Paddle packed down to Bronxville I go, I live in Yorktown Heights not withstanding I play in Bronxville often. Traffic was light so the trip down let me think about the upcoming event. I arrived with enough time to take in the atmosphere before play started. I recognized a number of the participants as I made my way to the warming hut as well as other contestants who showed up early to watch other matches. With Paddle as the common denominator people whom I had never met didn’t seem like strangers, as we introduced ourselves. I met my partner for the day, Jeannie Strauss, a very nice player who covers the court very well. I have to thank the organizer Kevin Dillon who must have seen me play and said to himself “the boy needs help”. Playing with Jeannie was a pleasure, for me anyway. The tournament is a double elimination, after dropping the first round match I didn’t have much time to pout. As I head back to the warming hut the social side of the event takes shape as  players  I  know and even those I don’t start to engage me in conversation about paddle and really how can I be upset when I get to talk about paddle Tennis. For our second match Jeannie and I headed off to the Bronxville Field Club. The courts are nicely set up in conjunction to the location of the club house. We faired better winning our second round match and back to the Village courts for lunch. Friends and family were out in force to support their favorite players; the fans included children and pets which lightened the mood of the event. There was no shortage of food or drink particularly bottled water which I appreciated to no end. Again, back at the Village courts offers more opportunities to socialize which I find easier now that we had won a match. After the lunch break my partner and I headed back to the Field Club for our third round match. It was a tight three setter, which we lost so I was done for the day. Remarkably my partner was off to play some more with friends.       

Helen, my wife and I attended the dinner held at the Siwanoy Country Club Saturday evening. It was the first time I had met these people without a paddle tennis racquet in my hand. It was nice to meet people out of uniform as it were. Go figure… a fair amount of time was spent talking about things other then paddle tennis, why I don’t know , not withstanding I enjoyed it . The club was beautiful, the food was good and the drink was better. The Tournament is a friendly competition, I can’t stress the word friendly enough since there can only be one winner it is important that the participants enjoy going through the process. I can say without regret I had a great time, and I will participate as often as Kevin Dillon will let me. I lied… I had one regret, I wish Jeannie and I had won the tournament. That said there was a great time had by all.       



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