Congrats to first time champs VIDAL/GREEN!
I believe its the first shore team to win it all

CONGRATULATIONS TO SHORT HILLS 1!. They defeated Park Lakes 1 in our first A league playoff. They swept the second seeded Park Lakes squad but all 4 matches were hard fought and everyone had a good time!!!

JOIN THE APTA FOR $40 instead of $55 as njmpta player
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We are running B Nationals this year out of the SHORT HILLS CLUB
Sign up on the APTA website link below or go to
You must be an APTA member to play and EVERYONE OUTSIDE THE TOP 50 is eligible
It will be a blast!!!

Any clubs who do not have a pro and wants to buy Viking Balls please call Dave Broderick at 973 379 3276


- Captains are responsible for updating their own Captain, and roster info changes...please add your players emails if they want to get updates on LC and all local tourneys.

-This year the team dues will be $250 per team. The majority of additional revenue will be a donation to the APTA as a sponsor. This was a compromise the board voted on in lieu of making all our members join the APTA.
Please call me with any questions or concerns regarding this increase ($9 to $10 per player depending on the size of your roster)

-please add your players emails on your roster page so we can alert them directly when the League Classic sign is up as well as local tournaments only!

JOIN THE APTA FOR $40 instead of $ the tab on the left!!!

1) Both captains are responsible for reporting scores, not just the home team. Whichever captain has the time should input the info.

2) As always we ask captains to try and accommodate their opponents if they require a pre or post play.Do not dismiss requests out of hand as you may guys on your team would gladly play on an alternate date. This is not a requirement though, also I have always found that is easier to get the other team to help me out by offering to travel for that specific match. THIS IS NOT A RULE . You are free to negotiate how you wish!

Remember this is about getting the matches before the deadline and having fun (and drinking a cold beer)

Any questions or concerns don't hesitate to call me

Jim Irwin 917 533 2907

Rank Team Wins Losses Sets Won Sets Lost Unrep
#1 A Division Short Hills 1 31 262 11?
#1 B Division Orange Lawn 1 29 657 14?
#1 C Division Park Lakes 2 30 662 14?
#1 D Division Brookside 2 26 1057 30?
#1 E Division Bernards 2 30 662 13?
#1 F Division Rockaway River 1 30 660 18?
#1 G Division Beacon Hill 2 31 563 15?
#1 H Division Clearwater 28 857 24?
#1 I Division Ridgewood 2 32 463 9?
#1 J Division Bay Head 2 31 549 12?
#1 K Division Fairmount 1 32 466 11?
#1 L Division Trump National 25 450 12?

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