Team Year
Team Name Short Name Club Next Match Date
Bay Head 1Bay Head Yacht ClubPark Lakes 1Monday 10/22/2018
Bay Head 2Bay Head Yacht ClubMorristown 5Saturday 10/27/2018
Beacon Hill 1Beacon Hill ClubRidgewoodMonday 10/22/2018
Beacon Hill 2Beacon Hill ClubNoe Pond 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Beacon Hill 3Beacon Hill ClubCanoe Brook 6Saturday 10/27/2018
Bernards 1Bernards TownshipMontclair 1Monday 10/22/2018
Bernards 2Bernards TownshipRacquetsTuesday 10/23/2018
Bernards 3Bernards TownshipFlorham ParkSaturday 10/27/2018
Bernards 4Bernards TownshipFells Brook Club 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Brookside 1Brookside Racquet & Swim Club@ Indian Trail 1Monday 10/22/2018
Brookside 2Brookside Racquet & Swim ClubMinisink 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Brookside 3Brookside Racquet & Swim ClubNorth JerseySaturday 10/27/2018
Brookside 4Brookside Racquet & Swim ClubOrange Lawn 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Canoe Brook 1Canoe Brook Country ClubEssex Fells 1Monday 10/22/2018
Canoe Brook 2Canoe Brook Country ClubPark Lakes 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Canoe Brook 3Canoe Brook Country ClubIndian Trail 3Tuesday 10/23/2018
Canoe Brook 4Canoe Brook Country Club@ Lake Valhalla 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Canoe Brook 5Canoe Brook Country Club@ Orange Lawn 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Canoe Brook 6Canoe Brook Country Club@ Beacon Hill 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Chatham F&G 2Chatham Fish & Game ClubHaworth 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Chatham F&G 3Chatham Fish & Game Club@ Morris County 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Chatham F&G 4Chatham Fish & Game Club@ Ridgewood 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Chatham F&GChatham Fish & Game ClubGlen Ridge Bradford 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
ClearwaterClearwaterMinisink 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Echo Lake 1Echo Lake Country ClubMorristown 3Tuesday 10/23/2018
Echo Lake 2Echo Lake Country ClubGlen Ridge Bradford 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Echo Lake 3Echo Lake Country Club@ Essex Fells 4Saturday 10/27/2018
EnglewoodEnglewood Field ClubEssex Hunt 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Essex Fells 1Essex Fells Country Club@ Canoe Brook 1Monday 10/22/2018
Essex Fells 2Essex Fells Country ClubMendham 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Essex Fells 3Essex Fells Country Club@ Fells Brook Club 1Saturday 10/27/2018
Essex Fells 4Essex Fells Country ClubEcho Lake 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Essex Hunt 1Essex Hunt Club Inc@ EnglewoodTuesday 10/23/2018
Essex Hunt 2Essex Hunt Club Inc@ Fiddlers ElbowSaturday 10/27/2018
Essex Hunt 3Essex Hunt Club IncTrump NationalSaturday 10/27/2018
Fairfield@ Minisink 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Fairmount 1Fairmount Country Club@ Morris County 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Fairmount 2Fairmount Country Club@ Minisink 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Fells Brook Club 1Fells Brook ClubEssex Fells 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Fells Brook Club 2Fells Brook Club@ Bernards 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Fiddlers Elbow 2Fiddlers Elbow Country Club@ Maplewood 5Saturday 10/27/2018
Fiddlers ElbowFiddlers Elbow Country ClubEssex Hunt 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Florham ParkFlorham Park Public@ Bernards 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Glen Ridge Bradford 1Glen Ridge Municipal Park@ Chatham F&GTuesday 10/23/2018
Glen Ridge Bradford 2Glen Ridge Municipal ParkHopewell Valley Bedens BrookTuesday 10/23/2018
Glen Ridge Bradford 3Glen Ridge Municipal Park@ Echo Lake 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Haworth 1Haworth Platform Tennis Assoc.Mendham 1Monday 10/22/2018
Haworth 2Haworth Platform Tennis Assoc.@ Chatham F&G 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Haworth 3Haworth Platform Tennis Assoc.Rockaway River 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Hopewell Valley Bedens BrookHopewell Valley Golf Club@ Glen Ridge Bradford 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Indian Trail 1Indian Trail ClubBrookside 1Monday 10/22/2018
Indian Trail 2Indian Trail Club@ Upper Ridgewood 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Indian Trail 3Indian Trail Club@ Canoe Brook 3Tuesday 10/23/2018
Indian Trail 4Indian Trail Club@ Summit 1Saturday 10/27/2018
Lake Valhalla 1Lake Valhalla Club@ Plainfield 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Lake Valhalla 2Lake Valhalla ClubCanoe Brook 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Maplewood 1Maplewood Municipal@ Short Hills 3Tuesday 10/23/2018
Maplewood 2Maplewood Municipal@ Shore 3Tuesday 10/23/2018
Maplewood 3Maplewood Municipal@ Rockaway River 1Saturday 10/27/2018
Maplewood 4Baird Recreation Center@ Racquets 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Maplewood 5Maplewood MunicipalFiddlers Elbow 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Mendham 1Mendham Golf & Tennis Club@ Haworth 1Monday 10/22/2018
Mendham 2Mendham Golf & Tennis Club@ Essex Fells 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Mendham 3Mendham Golf & Tennis Club@ Noe Pond 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Mendham 4Mendham Golf & Tennis Club@ Noe Pond 5Saturday 10/27/2018
Minisink 1Minisink Swim & Tennis Club@ Brookside 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Minisink 2Minisink Swim & Tennis Club@ ClearwaterSaturday 10/27/2018
Minisink 3Minisink Swim & Tennis ClubFairfieldSaturday 10/27/2018
Minisink 4Minisink Swim & Tennis ClubFairmount 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Montclair 1Montclair Golf Club@ Bernards 1Monday 10/22/2018
Montclair 2Montclair Golf Club@ Short Hills 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Morris County 1Morris County Golf Club@ Short Hills 1Monday 10/22/2018
Morris County 2Morris County Golf Club@ Park Lakes 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Morris County 3Morris County Golf ClubChatham F&G 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Morris County 4Morris County Golf ClubFairmount 1Saturday 10/27/2018
Morristown 1Morristown Field Club@ Shore 1Monday 10/22/2018
Morristown 2Morristown Field Club@ Upper Ridgewood 1Monday 10/22/2018
Morristown 3Morristown Field Club@ Echo Lake 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Morristown 4Morristown Field Club@ Spring Brook 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Morristown 5Morristown Field Club@ Bay Head 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Noe Pond 1Noe Pond Club@ Spring Brook 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Noe Pond 2Noe Pond Club@ Beacon Hill 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Noe Pond 3Noe Pond Club@ RoxiticusSaturday 10/27/2018
Noe Pond 4Noe Pond ClubMendham 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Noe Pond 5Noe Pond ClubMendham 4Saturday 10/27/2018
North JerseyNorth Jersey Country Club@ Brookside 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Orange Lawn 1Orange Lawn Tennis ClubShort Hills 2Monday 10/22/2018
Orange Lawn 2Orange Lawn Tennis Club@ Shore 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Orange Lawn 3Orange Lawn Tennis Club@ Brookside 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Orange Lawn 4Orange Lawn Tennis ClubCanoe Brook 5Saturday 10/27/2018
Park Lakes 1Park Lakes Tennis Club@ Bay Head 1Monday 10/22/2018
Park Lakes 2Park Lakes Tennis Club@ Canoe Brook 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Park Lakes 3Park Lakes Tennis ClubMorris County 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Plainfield 1Plainfield Country Club Lake Valhalla 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Plainfield 2Plainfield Country Club @ Ridgewood 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Racquets 2Racquets Club of Short HillsMaplewood 4Saturday 10/27/2018
RacquetsRacquets Club of Short Hills@ Bernards 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Ridgewood 2Ridgewood Country ClubPlainfield 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Ridgewood 3Ridgewood Country ClubChatham F&G 4Saturday 10/27/2018
RidgewoodRidgewood Country Club@ Beacon Hill 1Monday 10/22/2018
Rockaway River 1Rockaway River Country ClubMaplewood 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Rockaway River 2Rockaway River Country Club@ Haworth 3Saturday 10/27/2018
RoxiticusRoxiticus Golf ClubNoe Pond 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Shore 1Navesink Country ClubMorristown 1Monday 10/22/2018
Shore 2Rumson Country ClubOrange Lawn 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Shore 3Seabright Lawn Tennis ClubMaplewood 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
Shore 4Seabright Lawn Tennis ClubSummit 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Short Hills 1Short Hills ClubMorris County 1Monday 10/22/2018
Short Hills 2Short Hills Club@ Orange Lawn 1Monday 10/22/2018
Short Hills 3Short Hills ClubMaplewood 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Short Hills 4Short Hills ClubMontclair 2Saturday 10/27/2018
Short Hills 5Short Hills ClubSpring Brook 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Spring Brook 1Spring Brook CCNoe Pond 1Tuesday 10/23/2018
Spring Brook 2Spring Brook CCMorristown 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Spring Brook 3Spring Brook CC@ Short Hills 5Saturday 10/27/2018
Summit 1Summit Tennis ClubIndian Trail 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Summit 2Summit Tennis Club@ Shore 4Saturday 10/27/2018
Trump NationalTrump National Golf Club@ Essex Hunt 3Saturday 10/27/2018
Upper Ridgewood 1Upper Ridgewood Tennis ClubMorristown 2Monday 10/22/2018
Upper Ridgewood 2Upper Ridgewood Tennis ClubIndian Trail 2Tuesday 10/23/2018
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