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Team Year
Team Name Short Name Club Next Match Date
AtlanticBay Head Yacht ClubSpring Brook 1Monday 11/27/2017
Beacon Hill 1Beacon Hill Club
Beacon Hill 2Beacon Hill Club
Beacon Hill 3Beacon Hill Club
Bernards 1Bernards TownshipOrange Lawn 1Monday 11/27/2017
Bernards 2Bernards Township
Bernards 3Bernards Township
Bernards 4Bernards Township
Brookside 1Brookside Racquet & Swim ClubUpper Ridgewood 1Monday 11/27/2017
Brookside 2Brookside Racquet & Swim Club
Brookside 3Brookside Racquet & Swim Club
Brookside 4Brookside Racquet & Swim Club
Canoe Brook 1Canoe Brook Country Club@ Short Hills 1Monday 11/27/2017
Canoe Brook 2Canoe Brook Country ClubMorristown 2Monday 11/27/2017
Canoe Brook 3Canoe Brook Country Club
Canoe Brook 4Canoe Brook Country Club
Canoe Brook 5Canoe Brook Country Club
Canoe Brook 6Canoe Brook Country Club
Canoe Brook 7Canoe Brook Country Club
Chatham F&G 2Chatham Fish & Game Club
Chatham F&G 3Chatham Fish & Game Club
Chatham F&GChatham Fish & Game Club
Echo Lake 1Echo Lake Country Club
Echo Lake 2Echo Lake Country Club
Echo Lake 3Echo Lake Country Club
EnglewoodEnglewood Field Club
Essex Fells 1Essex Fells Country ClubShore 1Monday 11/27/2017
Essex Fells 2Essex Fells Country Club
Essex Fells 3Essex Fells Country Club
Essex Fells 4Essex Fells Country Club
Essex Hunt 1Essex Hunt Club Inc
Essex Hunt 2Essex Hunt Club Inc
FP-ColonyFlorham Park Public
Fells Brook Club 1Fells Brook Club
Fells Brook Club 2Fells Brook Club
Fiddlers Elbow 2Fiddlers Elbow Country Club
Fiddlers ElbowFiddlers Elbow Country Club
Glen Ridge Bradford 1Glen Ridge Municipal Park
Glen Ridge Bradford 2Glen Ridge Municipal Park
Glen Ridge Bradford 3Glen Ridge Municipal Park
Haworth 1Haworth Platform Tennis Assoc.Morris County 1Monday 11/27/2017
Haworth 2Haworth Platform Tennis Assoc.
Haworth 3Haworth Platform Tennis Assoc.
Hopewell Valley Bedens BrookHopewell Valley Golf Club
Indian Trail 1Indian Trail Club@ Park Lakes 1Monday 11/27/2017
Indian Trail 2Indian Trail Club
Indian Trail 3Indian Trail Club
Indian Trail 4Indian Trail Club
Lake Valhalla 1Lake Valhalla Club
Lake Valhalla 2Lake Valhalla Club
Maplewood 1Maplewood Municipal
Maplewood 2Maplewood Municipal
Maplewood 3Maplewood Municipal
Maplewood 4Baird Recreation Center
Maplewood 5Maplewood Municipal
Mendham 1Mendham Golf & Tennis Club@ Morristown 1Monday 11/27/2017
Mendham 2Mendham Golf & Tennis Club
Mendham 3Mendham Golf & Tennis Club
Mendham 4Mendham Golf & Tennis Club
Minisink 1Minisink Swim & Tennis ClubMontclair 1Monday 11/27/2017
Minisink 2Minisink Swim & Tennis Club
Minisink 3Minisink Swim & Tennis Club
Minisink 4Minisink Swim & Tennis Club
Montclair 1Montclair Golf Club@ Minisink 1Monday 11/27/2017
Montclair 2Montclair Golf Club
Morris County 1Morris County Golf Club@ Haworth 1Monday 11/27/2017
Morris County 2Morris County Golf Club
Morris County 3Morris County Golf Club
Morris County 4Morris County Golf Club
Morristown 1Morristown Field ClubMendham 1Monday 11/27/2017
Morristown 2Morristown Field Club@ Canoe Brook 2Monday 11/27/2017
Morristown 3Morristown Field Club
Morristown 4Morristown Field Club
Morristown 5Morristown Field Club
Noe Pond 1Noe Pond Club
Noe Pond 2Noe Pond Club
Noe Pond 3Noe Pond Club
Noe Pond 4Noe Pond Club
Noe Pond 5Noe Pond Club
North JerseyNorth Jersey Country Club
Orange Lawn 1Orange Lawn Tennis Club@ Bernards 1Monday 11/27/2017
Orange Lawn 2Orange Lawn Tennis Club
Orange Lawn 3Orange Lawn Tennis Club
Orange Lawn 4Orange Lawn Tennis Club
Orange Lawn 5Orange Lawn Tennis Club
Park Lakes 1Park Lakes Tennis ClubIndian Trail 1Monday 11/27/2017
Park Lakes 2Park Lakes Tennis Club
Park Lakes 3Park Lakes Tennis Club
Plainfield 1Plainfield Country Club
Plainfield 2Plainfield Country Club
Racquets 2Racquets Club of Short Hills
RacquetsRacquets Club of Short Hills
RamseyRamsey Golf & Country Club
Ridgewood 2Ridgewood Country Club
RidgewoodRidgewood Country Club
Rockaway River 1Rockaway River Country Club
Rockaway River 2Rockaway River Country Club
RoxiticusRoxiticus Golf Club
Shore 1Navesink Country Club@ Essex Fells 1Monday 11/27/2017
Shore 3Rumson Country Club
Shore 4Seabright Lawn Tennis Club
Short Hills 1Short Hills ClubCanoe Brook 1Monday 11/27/2017
Short Hills 2Short Hills Club
Short Hills 3Short Hills Club
Short Hills 4Short Hills Club
Short Hills 5Short Hills Club
Spring Brook 1Spring Brook CC@ AtlanticMonday 11/27/2017
Spring Brook 2Spring Brook CC
Spring Brook 3Spring Brook CC
Summit 1Summit Tennis Club
Summit 2Summit Tennis Club
Trump NationalTrump National Golf Club
Upper Ridgewood 1Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club@ Brookside 1Monday 11/27/2017
Upper Ridgewood 2Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club
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