200A Aluminum Honeycomb Core Composite Pickleball Paddle by Selkirk

200A Aluminum Honeycomb Core Composite Pickleball Paddle by Selkirk

Code: 200A-XL



Product Description

Crafted with an aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb core that provides optimum control along with a composite surface of fiberglass with a vinyl laminate for quietness and durability, that also provides UV protection to keep your colorful paddle looking new for years, our 200A Series paddle hits a sweet balance of control with the right amount of power to handle everything from precisely-placed dink volleys to your well-timed outdoor slams. Our longer handle gives you increased control and wrist-action cushioned with Gamma Pro-Lite grip tape—not just an overwrap—for the best-feeling paddle handle in the industry. Our expertly-designed graphics are available in your choice of seven colorful options to perfectly represent your personality. Be sure to check out our apparel designed to complement and complete your look.
Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Composite Surface Layer
Vinyl-Laminate Surface with UV Protection
Pro-Lite Gamma Grip
Low-Profile Vinyl Edge Trim
Meets USAPA Specifications
Tested and Approved for Tournament Play
Made in Beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA.