Eastport Pickleball Green Fish on Blue Sea Paddle

Eastport Pickleball Green Fish on Blue Sea Paddle

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Product Description

Although there are many species of fish found in the flats, reefs and the deep seas surrounding the island of Green Turtle Cay, the bone fish and Nassau Grouper are depicted on this paddle. Unlike the Grouper the bone fish is typically caught and released. Green Turtle Cay is world-class bonefishing destination which attracts international anglers throughout the year. The fish inhabit the inshore shallows on western shores and other parts around the island. Since the water can be less than a foot deep, fly fishermen must use very shallow-draft boats or wade into the saltwater flats to catch these elusive fish.

Paddle Specifications Approved by the International Pickleball Federation and the USA Pickleball Association for play in all competitive events Made in the USA Eastport Champion / Green Turtle Series Weight Range: 8.6 – 9.1 oz Grip Circumference: appx 4.5 inches Grip: light tack Grip Manufacturer: Gamma Handle Length: appx 5” Paddle Length: 15 ½ inches Paddle Width: 8 1/8 inches Paddle Face finish: Vinyl laminate Core Material: Polymer honeycomb Edge guard: Vinyl trim Manufacturer: Eastport Pickleball Designed by a Naval Engineer For use on indoor and outdoor courts Provides excellent power to each stroke