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Master Athletics M2-ESS Platform Tennis Paddle

Master Athletics M2-ESS Platform Tennis Paddle

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Product Description

Master Athletics built upon the success of our M1 paddle.  We kept the original weight of 360 grams as well as the mid-balanced over-sized head. The difference is in the re-engineered core from a single density foam to a multi-layer integrating rubber core. This change will soften the paddle to levels not seen before in the market. The changes may not be outwardly visible, but you will feel and hear the difference.  Yes we did say "hear" .  Due to the newly designed core, paddles may never sound the same again. In army green with military inspired distressed logo, this is the paddle to take into battle.  Hoo-Rah!

Core Density: Super Low Density with Rubber inset, for softer feel and more control
Hole Pattern: 85 hole high position for more spin and control
Hole Size: Maximum 3/8" size for ultimate spin and control
Weight: 12.6oz/360 grams
Balance: Even
Surface Area: 93
Grit: M30/Coarse
Grip Type: Master Athletics 4 Layer Cushion Grip
Length: 18"
Throat Area: Tapered "stability Zone" adds more stiffness and strength to the throat area and its smooth surface provides extra comfort during grip changes and on two handed backhand shots.
Grip Size: Size 2 (4 1/4)
Warranty: 12 month from purchase date

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