2014 Viking Re-Ignite Ultra

2014 Viking Re-Ignite Ultra

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Product Description

The new Re-Ignite Ultra follows in the family of other Re-Ignite paddles offered in the line. Re-Ignites are known for their exceptional feel and play at the net, and those characteristics are taken to a whole new level with lower density foam and the addition of the Silencer dampener for even softer feel and lighter swing weight. Extra holes in the paddle (maximum # allowed) further softens the feel and reduces aerodynamic drag for greater control.
Product Specifications
Weight: 360 grams / 12.6 oz
Length: 18 in
Core Density: Low
Surface Area: 92 sq in
Beam: 19 mm
Handle Length: Standard
Throat: Closed
Balance: Even
Grip: Durasoft+
Grip Size: 4 1/4 Only