2015 Viking Smash Jr.

2015 Viking Smash Jr.

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Product Description

The new Smash is an ultralight paddle with a shorter handle design for exceptional maneuverability. Combined with the smallest grip size in the line, it's the ideal paddle for entry level and junior players getting into the game. The Official Paddle of the APTA Viking Junior Tour.

Color: Black/Gray/Green or Purple/White
Power Rating:4
Weight: 345g/12.1oz
Balance: Even
Core Density: Low
Surface Area: 77"
Material: EVA Foam Graphite
Beam: 17 mm
Overall Length: 17"
Grip: Dura Soft
Grip Size: 4
Handle Length: Junior
Extra Holes: N/A
Silencer Dampener: N/A
Carbon Mesh Rim: N/A
Triple Threat: N/A
Surface Feature: SpinTex