A-1 Air Paddleball Paddle

A-1 Air Paddleball Paddle

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Product Description


 Since 2005 A-1 Sports has continually redefined the paddleball landscape by bringing to the market the most innovative forward thinking products. We are excited to introduce our new line of ultra-lite paddles, “The A-1 Air”.  Essentially these paddles are all hand made with a perfect weight range from 290g-298g. (10.22oz.-10.51oz.)


All the “Air” paddles have a full face layer of 3K Carbon Fiber over a special density EVA core that provides extra power using minimal effort. They are hand finished in a high gloss lacquer.


The handle is the basic tradition style that are used on our classic line, a player favorite.  The thickness of the paddle is a full 20mm which give the paddle superior stability and improved power and feel considering it’s so light.

The “Air” line is available in a number of 3K Carbon (glitter wire) colors.  Regardless of color, the materials are the same and all the “Air” paddles should hit with the same consistency.