Goodminton Birdie

Goodminton Birdie

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Product Description

This Product contains 4 medium Goodminton birdies which you can use with your Goodminton racquet game. Goodminton is the world's easiest racquet game. From the beach to the boardroom, you can play anywhere with anyone. The patent pending Goodminton birdies slow as they spin, making it a great way to introduce racquet sports to children.

*Contains 4 blue Medium Goodminton Birdies
*Medium birdies are 11-12 cm long on average so their speed is between the slow and long birdies that come with your Goodminton set.
*Come in a reusable recyclable PET plastic tube | Great addition to any Goodminton set!
*Meant to be used with Goodminton | the World's Easiest Racquet Game
*These birdies fly faster than big birdies and slower than small birdies.