Goodminton Racquet Game with Mesh Bag

Goodminton Racquet Game with Mesh Bag

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Product Description

Goodminton is the world's easiest racquet game. Yes, really. From the beach to the boardroom, you can play anywhere with anyone! The patent pending Goodminton birdies slow as they spin, giving Goodminton a magical property that you just have to try to believe. Besides being backyard (and indoor!) fun, Goodminton is also a fantastic way to introduce racquet sports to children, as it allows them to build the hand-eye coordination necessary for competitive racquets sports like tennis and squash. Goodminton includes 2 racquets, 4 birdies (2 fast and 2 slow) and 1 reusable mesh bag so you can bring your Goodminton everywhere. It’s badminton gone good! Get your Goodminton set today!

*Contains 2 Paddles and 4 Birdies (Two Slow and Two Fast)
*Fun activity for all ages and skill levels! Play over a badminton net for competitive fun
*Best way to introduce racquet sports to children.
*Simple, easy, and ridiculously fun
*Racquets measure 13” x 7.5” x .25”. They have soft foam handles