Master Athletics M1  "Woody" Limited Edition Paddle

Master Athletics M1 "Woody" Limited Edition Paddle

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Product Description

Master Athletics M1 Special Edition is the perfect paddle for all players seeking a well balanced light weight paddle with exceptional sweetspot and all around performance. This special edition M1has all the specifications of the original M1, with a retro wooden look! The Special Edition combines the best of all manufacturing characteristics and competes with the best paddles on the market. We used an aggressive M30 grit on the paddle surface, for superior spin and control, and also raised the hole pattern. Play testers were in awe of the size of the sweetspot, the supreme balance and solid feel. Its really the ideal paddle for all players looking to get to the next elvel and we can't wait to see what it does for your game.

Core Density: Low, for softer feel and more control
Hole Pattern: 85 hole high position for more spin and control
Hole Size: Maximum 3/8" size for ultimate spin and control
Weight: 12.6oz/360 grams
Balance: Even
Surface Area: 93
Grit: M30/Coarse
Grip Type: Master Athletics 4 Layer Cushion Grip
Length: 18"
Throat Area: Tapered "stability Zone" adds more stiffness and strength tot he throat area and its smooth surface provides extra comfort during grip changes and on two handed backhand shots.
Grip Size: Size 2 (4 1/4)
Warranty: 12 month from purchase date