Pro-Lite Aero D Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Pro-Lite Aero D Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Code: PL-Aero-D



Product Description

Don't be fooled by the Aero-D being the lightest paddle of the Pro-Lite family, it surely packs a punch, but it does not stop there. Light, balanced, and premium precision, the Aero-D could become your new best friend on the pickleball courts.

-Lightweight engineered carbon fiber facing for all around responsive performance and high impact shots
-Balanced weight distribution throughout paddle
-Longer handle for extra comfort and perfect for the tennis to pickleball convert
-Minimal weight allows faster play and easy maneuverability
-High Grade Nomex Honeycomb Core
-Perfectly contoured handle for all grip variations. A comfortable grip is EVERYTHING!
-One of a kind PICKLEBALL ONLY tapered end cap allowing for an extra firm hold on paddle resulting in less slippage and more control