A-1 Official Handball Red-Pro

A-1 Official Handball Red-Pro

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We Are Pleased To Announce A-1 Handballs Are Back! Originally Made By Our Factory For A Major US Sporting Goods Company Many Years Ago As Well As Other Handball Associations. A-1 Has Made A Substantial Commitment To Bring Back What Is Considered By Most Top Players As Well As Amateurs, "The Best Handballs Ever Made".

Tournament Quality Handballs. "A-1 Red-Pro" Weighs About 60g, And Are Used Primarily By The Men.

Both Versions Are Packed Two Balls In The "Old Fashioned" Metal Pressurized Can.

These Handballs Are Guaranteed To Be The Longest Lasting, Highest Quality Handballs That We All Remember!

Superior Bounce, Consistent Quality, and Long Lasting