Wilson Hope Pickleball Paddle

Wilson Hope Pickleball Paddle

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Product Description

Hope Pickleball Paddle The HOPE Pickleball Paddle has been tastefully designed with women in mind. This paddle is the fraternal twin to the Wilson Surge, a popular, edgeless paddle from Wilson’s second line of pickleball paddles. The only difference between these two winning paddles is the appearance: they’re both made of top-of-the-line materials with a great design. The edgeless, graphite hitting surface provides that perfect amount of pop, while the carbon-fiber face allows for quick movement at the net. The Power Comb™ core delivers a sturdy base for play. The hot pink face pays homage to breast cancer awareness; Wilson gifts a donation to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund with every paddle purchase. The HOPE Pickleball Paddle is a nice weight for a majority of women; it weighs a dainty 7.3 ounces. At this weight, players notice a high level of control and maneuverability at the net. The 4-1/8” grip is also a great size for most women's hands. From top to bottom, this paddle measures 15-9/16” long and has a 7-9/16” wide face. The 4-3/4” long handle is a great size - not too long but also not overly short. The edgeless design attempts to minimize mis-hits off the edge guard. The HOPE Pickleball Paddle is a beautiful way to honor those affected by breast cancer. Please note: edgeless paddles may chip. We are unable to exchange or replace paddles that may develop these chips. Chips do not affect play in any way. Check out the matching Hope Bag.