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  Paddlepro.com can help you run a more efficient, successful, and visible event. Our track record stands for itself thousands of players have signed up for a tournament on paddlepro.com over the last 4 years, and not one entry was lost.  We work for you and solve all your pre-tournament administration nightmares. Here is what paddlepro.com can do for you:

Publicity - By putting your tournament in the headlines it will be viewed by the entire paddle tennis community.  Last year paddlepro.com received over 5,000,000 hits by 50,000 unique visitors.  We can also notify the largest database of platform players available via e-mail.

Information - Don't just send out an application, tell people all about your event, by posting your tournament on paddlepro you can maintain current news and information that people need to know.

Registration - Paddlepro.com can handle all your registrations via online entry and credit card payment. Avoid "lost mail" and the delay of mailing checks and chasing players the day of the tournament you are assured that all players are paid in full before they arrive. Another benefit of online registration is you can accept applications up to the minute before you make the draw, or close the registration as soon as your draw is full without having to worry about what will arrive in the mail then next day.

Sponsor Benefits - As a tournament director you know how difficult it is to raise money, the problem is you are looking for money and are not able to provide much in return except exposure to the limited amount that are enter the tournament. Put your tournament online and make your sponsors known to the entire platform tennis community.  You will have and easier time "selling" sponsorship if you could leverage paddlepro.com's 5 million hits, and provide something back to the sponsor.

Communication - Informing players of there starting time and directions can mean an all night affair on the phone trying to reach everyone. paddlepro.com sends and immediate conformation once someone enters and pays. Once the draw is complete and posted on the web we then notify (both partners) via e-mail of where to find draw information and directions to where they need to be.

Experience - Our experience goes beyond the computer - we have also physically run events as a director so we can offer advice from our experience from running everything from a local charity event to a National Championship.

Cost Effective - All of this can be done for less than sending out your applications via the US mail.

Contact info@paddlepro.com and we will discuss what can be done to help your tournament.

See some of our successful events:
2004 APTA Nationals
2003 APTA Nationals
2002, 2003, 2004 Sound Shore Invitational
2003 B Nationals
2003 Connecticut Classic
2004 Lehigh Classic
references for all these tournament directors available upon request.

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