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1. Thou shalt pay dues! $250.00 per team make check payable to:
Bob Considine
18 Lalli Drive
Katonah, NY 10536

2. Time: League matches are on Tuesday and Wednesday Nights. Matches are suggested to start @ 7:30pm. The second matches are suggested for 8:30. Captains may agree to play anytime they can otherwise agree.

3. Home team supplies balls, beer & or soda.
Amended 2013: If a team does not host at least 3 matches they should provide balls at hosting Clubs.

4. Teams: Each team is made of 5 doubles teams. Members of each team must be a current member of the corresponding club (or town) or allowed to play by the club or town. If you have 2 teams in the same division you must maintain separate rosters, with no interchange of players between teams.

5. Seeding: The match #'s 1,2,3,4,5 must be representative of your best (1) team down to fifth best as the numbers suggest.
Note: If you can only field 4 teams on match night, they must be played as teams 1-2-3-4 with the fifth slot going as a forfeit. Also if you know this in advance, notify the opposing captain so he can tell his 5 teams not to come.

6. Matches: 2 out of 3 sets, all APTA rules apply.

7. Reporting Scores: It is the home team's responsibility to report weekly scores. Scores not reported will not count.

8. Order of Play: Higher seeded teams play first depending on courts available. For example, if there are 3 courts, teams 1, 2 & 3 play at 7:30pm, teams 4 & 5 play at 8:30 (or as soon as courts are free.)
Note: Captains with only 2 courts available or whose lights are on timers should contact the visiting captain as to the importance of time - if possible schedule at least one match to start @ 7pm.

9. Forfeit Rule: 20 minutes after the start time. If one team cannot field a team within 20 minutes of the scheduled start time that match may be claimed as a forfeit by the team that is present. If there are players around (scheduled to play later) they may be substituted to avoid the forfeit.

10. Rainouts: Teams will have 1 week to report scores for a rainout if unreported neither team will receive points.

11. Multiple Teams: Clubs have one Roster Pool - Teams must be sent out in order best to worst, based on player availability it is understandable for a player to play in different divisions week to week, but should never play twice for the same club in the same week. A player must play at least 2 of the first 7 matches for a team (in the same division) to be eligible in the final 2 matches of a half. If a club has different teams in the same division they may not share players.

12. Multiple Memberships*: If you are a member of 2 different clubs you may only play for one team in a division. You may play for both clubs if they are in different divisions.
Amended 2018: Players may play only ONCE per week. If the player belongs to two clubs he can play for either team in a given week.

* "Membership" is defined by each Club/Town. The WPTL does not define who is eligible, only that the named club allows each player on their roster.

13. Season: The season is in Halves. After each half, the top and bottom teams in the standings (see points) shall move up and down respectively to another division. The commissioner reserves the right to move 2 teams at his discretion.

14. Points System: A team receives 1 point for each individual win. I.e. if (A) beats (B) 3 to 2 (A) gets 3 points, (B) gets 2. The highest total for 1/3 season is League Leader (moves up). The lowest total moves down.

15. Point System 2nd and 3rd Trimester: All teams start the second and third trimesters with 1/2 of their point total. Example: League Leader has 28 points, moves up one division, and starts the 2nd half with 14 points. Each match in the current trimester continues to be worth 1 full point.

16. Tie Breaker: If 2 teams are tied at the end of the season head to head match up breaks tie.

17. For the betterment of divisional play the league reserves the right to move 2 teams down based on low points earned. This can only occur when 2 teams in the lower division have proven they have both earned the opportunity to move up. If not RULE 16 applies. The commissioner reserves the right to move 2 teams at his sole discretion.

18. Protests: Any protest must be submitted via e-mail to wptl@paddlepro.com and to your league representative, if your league representative cannot resolve the dispute it will be sent to all league representatives and Bob Considine for a vote. The league in which the incident was protested will not cast a vote.
Protest Procedure:
E-mail: wptl@paddlepro.com, division representative, and the opposing captain. (No other players)
- Include Rule that has been broken
- Details of the infraction.
- The opposing captain can then respond
- A final decision will be made.

upcoming events
Sun, Feb 23 - BVMI Open - M & W
Tu-W, Feb 25-26 - NJWPTL States
Fri, Mar 6 - Century Tournament
W,Mar 11 - Roxiticus Open - Women
Fri, Mar 13 - St Paddles at SHC
March - Last Lobs at MoCo
Fri,Mar 20 - St Paddles at Fiddler's

Su, Mar 22 - Roxiticus Open - Men

Wed, Mar 25 -Double Digit - CBCC

Sun March 29 - The Alex, Pelham NY

Sat, Apr 18 - C'est LaVie
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