A-1- CF - XLC Carbon Fiber Paddle


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 The "A1-O-XLC " Is Brand New for 2015! This Paddle Was Made Using Our Brand New Mold. Rather Than The Handle Being A Bit Square, This Paddle Has A Rounder Handle And It's About 3/8" Longer Then Previous Models. Plus, the Paddle Is 2mm Thicker Then Previous Carbon Fiber Models, Ensuring A Very, Very Solid Hit With Little Vibration. All Models Bearing The "XL" Mark Have The Longer Handle And Are 2mm Thicker Then The Squarer Handle Paddles.

This Paddle Has Our Exclusive, Carefully Designed, Hole Pattern Providing A Larger Surface Area For The Most Solid Hit Possible. The Outer Shell Is Made Completely Of 100% Carbon Fiber Material. Our "Sure Grip" Textured Finish Has Been Applied Ensuring The Paddle Will Grip The Ball For Optimum Control.

This Paddle Has Many Of The Same Characteristics As Our Premier Paddles And Has The Same Warranty, But Is More Economically Priced Based On The Lower Cost Of Carbon Fiber vs. Kevlar or 3K Carbon. The Main Difference Between The Carbon Fiber And The Kevlar or 3K Carbon Paddle Is The Carbon Fiber Is A Little Softer. It Has A Slightly Quieter Hit Than The Kevlars or 3K Carbon Paddles.

This Paddle Weighs 337g (12.6 oz. +/- .02 oz.) And The Dimensions Are 8.25" X 17 3/8". The Special Balancing For The "A1-O-XLC" Makes It Slightly Head Heavy. Although This Paddle Weighs Only About 12.6 oz., It Hits Like A Much Heavier Paddle. This Paddle Is A Favorite Among Recreational Players And Tournament Players as Well

It's Excellent For One Wall, Three Wall And Four Wall. Perfect Using A "Small Ball", Big Ball" "Tennis Ball" And The Midwest's & West Coast's "Pin-Hole" Ball.

This Paddle Does Not Come With A Wrist String Attached 

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