Babolat Men's SFX3 All Court Tennis Shoe


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Waiting is over! Babolat updates the popular SFX2 with a new upper design that is softer and more breathable than before thanks to an additional amount of mesh. Comfort remains the key story as the SFX3 features one of the most advanced layered stock insoles on the market, along with the increasingly luxurious Kompressor cushioning system that absorbs shock under the feet of difficult landings.

COMFORT AND SHOCK ABSORPTION - Because comfort and performance are the priority in this model, you can spend hours on the court with its supple and breathable upper. With its thicker sock and an advanced cushioning system named Kompressor, your movements will be protected from shocks throughout matches and training sessions.

SOLE DURABILITY - By combining our expertise with Michelins, we offer players a dedicated sole for each court with an adapted rubber formulation.

KOMPRESSOR -  TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compression system positioned beneath the heel for exceptional shock absorption.

ACTIVE FLEXION - A technology developed and patented by Babolat. The shape and composition of the materials used for the sole are segmented into 9 key pressure points for maximum responsiveness.

SOLES BY MICHELIN - The Michelin Original rubber composition has proven its worth over the past 15 years and beyond, It offers a great combination of grip and durability to meet the extreme demands of tennis footwork.

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