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CONSTITUTION (revised 10/2017)

Platform Tennis Association of Greater Cincinnati (dba GCPTA)

An unincorporated nonprofit association


To promote interest and competition in platform tennis and to organize matches between member clubs.



1. Applications for membership shall be made to the President at a specific deadline, preceding the Fall season.
2. The Association shall consist of clubs, present members and others, which shall meet the eligibility requirements and are elected to membership by a majority of the Board present and voting. The Association shall be divided into divisions. The number of teams in each division will be determined by majority vote of the Board

3. A new team must: 
   A. Represent a club which has available a minimum of two courts in safely playable condition and facilities to accommodate the comfort of visiting teams, or it will be designated a traveling team. 
   B. Submit a roster of between 8 and 18 players for women and at least 6 players for men who will play exclusively for that team’s club, except where amended in the GCPTA Standing Rules.
   C. New teams will be placed in divisions at the discretion of the Board.
4. Obligations: 
    A. Dues shall be determined by the Board, (specified in current GCPTA Rules), and are per member team, per year. Balance is due prior to November 30th of the existing calendar year, if balance has not been received by December 1st of the same calendar year, then a late fee will be assessed for each paddle team from that club/traveling team. In addition, the teams will have to default their matches until the bill is paid. The club representative or traveling team’s captain are responsible to manage the payment of their bills.
    B. Member clubs must follow rules set forth by the Board. 
    C. A member club that does not comply with GCPTA rules may be suspended for the season by a majority vote of the Board present and voting.
5. Traveling Teams: 
Traveling Teams within the Greater Cincinnati area and outside the Greater Cincinnati shall pay dues as determined by the Board (specified in current GCPTA Rules).  These teams are required to provide practice and match balls for each match.


1. The Officers of the GCPTA shall be President, Vice–President/Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.
2. Duties: 
    A. The President shall preside at all meetings, shall be an ex–officio member of all committees, and shall appoint sub–committee members with consent of the Board. In the absence of the President, the Vice–President shall preside or succeed to the Presidency. 
    B. The Vice–President/Secretary shall assist the officers of the Association as the need arises; manage appropriate publicity; shall keep minutes of all meetings; shall inform essential persons of meetings; shall have charge of correspondence; shall keep records of all activities of the Association (team rosters, team standings, committee reports, etc.).

   C. The Treasurer shall collect all money, pay all debts as directed by the Board, and shall submit a written report to the Board at each meeting.
3. Election of Officers: 
    A. The nominating committee shall prepare a single slate to be presented to the captains at the Spring meeting. The nominating committee shall consist of the Vice President and two Past Presidents. 
    B. An officer shall be elected to serve a two year term. 
    C. Terms shall begin following the Spring meeting.



The complete management control and voting rights of the GCPTA shall be given to the Officers, the Commissioner of the Men's League, and Club Representatives. Additional Board Members without voting rights are the following: APTA Liaison, Scheduler, Scorekeepers, Men's Web Master, Women’s Web Master, and Club Professionals.
  Club representatives will be dues playing members of the Club that they represent.  If they are not able to attend the Board meeting, the Club representative may ask the club professional or another club member to represent them in voting matters.


1. Board meetings shall be held in the Spring and Fall.
2. Captains’ meetings shall be held in the Spring and in the Fall.
3. Agenda items for consideration at general meetings must be submitted, in writing, to the President no later than one week prior to the meeting.

4. Matters requiring a vote that arise between meetings may be presented to the Board electronically with a majority of the votes returned electronically in the time frame designated prevailing. 


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and to which they are not inconsistent with this Constitution and any standing rules the Association may adopt.


This Constitution may be amended by two–thirds vote of those members of the Board of Directors present and voting. In the case of electronic voting, two-thirds of those members that return their votes in the time frame designated.


GCPTA STANDING RULES (revised 10/2017)


1.              PLAYERS

     A.     Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be a bona fide member of the club they represent.  A club employee is accepted as a bona fide member of the club and is eligible to play.     Current teaching professionals (platform or tennis) must play in Division 1 unless approved by the Board.

     B.    A player may not have her/his name on the roster of more than one club during a season.

     C.   New players may be added to the roster by calling the appropriate scorekeeper. The court will be defaulted if a player’s name is not on the official roster before play.

     D.    Roster Changes/Substitution

  •    Players may be moved from a higher team to a lower team during the season if they have only played one match on the higher team for that season.     The appropriate scorekeeper must be notified of all roster changes prior to play.
  •   Lateral movement of players between same club’s team in the same division is allowed only if the player has played no more than one match for the original team. The move is then permanent for that season.
  •    Substitution

                 Women: A player may play as a substitute for each team in a higher division two times and remain on her original team. Upon playing a third match for the higher division team, the player would become a member of that team.

                For D4 only (or the lowest Division that exists), player substitutions are allowed between teams when a club has 2+ teams. This substitution is only within a club, not across clubs (added Mar 2018)

                 Men: A player may play as a substitute for teams in a higher division without changing team status. In addition, men who are members at more than one club can be rostered on one team and substitute play for another club, where they are members, at the same level or higher. They may not play down a level from the team on which they are rostered. Additionally, the player must declare which club he will play for during the league play-offs; he may not play for multiple clubs during league play-offs. 

   E.     All teams must play in order of ability. (i.e., Court 1 team is able to regularly beat team on Court 2 in match-like conditions and similarly for Court 2 and Court 3 teams.)  If, following an official written protest it is determined that stacking had occurred, then all 3 courts will be forfeited.

    F.     Team rosters must have between eight and eighteen players for women and at least six players for men.

    G.    Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Any player who uses abusive language, throws her/his paddle, or exhibits other forms of bad temper will be warned by the Board. Upon the second infraction, the player will be suspended from the league for the season. Any complaint of this nature must be made in writing within twenty–four hours of the alleged violation and sent to the Secretary. This communication must be labeled a complaint and sent by the complaining team’s captain.

     H.    Any protest must be made in writing within twenty–four hours of the alleged violation and sent to the President. The Board encourages teams to settle any disagreements at courtside before, during, or immediately following the match.

     I.       No cell phones on or near court.


2.              CAPTAINS

     A.     Shall submit team rosters by requested deadline in the fall.

     B.     Shall keep all team members informed of GCPTA rules and activities.

     C.    The home team captain shall email the match results including names of all players and set scores to the scorekeeper ON THE DAY OF THE MATCH for women and WITHIN ONE DAY OF PLAY for men. 

     D.     Home Captain shall contact Visiting Captain prior to match to confirm play.

     E.     Each women’s Captain will be given a card per match, either Home or Away.  Match line-ups must be filled out on the Home and Away cards prior to arrival and exchanged between captains in good faith. Once cards are exchanged no adjustments can be made in the court line ups. Women’s scorecards should be retained until  the end of the season.


3.              MATCHES

     A.      First matches of the day will begin at 9:30am for women and 6:30pm for men. Second round of matches for the day are scheduled to begin at 11:00am for women and 8:00pm for men. When a club only has two courts, the players on the third court must arrive thirty minutes after the scheduled start time of the match.  Play should begin as soon as a court is available, at which point the 15 minute default rule will apply.

     B.     All players will practice serves during the warm up with a few additional serves taken just prior to first serve.

     C.     Matches will begin at appointed time with a ten minute warmup. Default time will be fifteen minutes after the appointed time, unless otherwise notified. In case of rain, snow, or ice, the match must be played before the following scheduled match. Matches can be played separately if mutually agreeable.  Paddle matches are played in all weather unless it is dangerous to play or travel. When in doubt, use your best judgment, remembering that the spirit of the game is to work things out in a friendly and agreeable manner. Out of courtesy to the players, the home captain should check the court conditions for playability and notify the opposing captain.

     D.     Two out of three matches must be played or all matches will be forfeited. If one match out of three has to be defaulted due to lack of players, it must be defaulted at the number three position. The order of play will be number 1 team first, number 2 team second, and number 3 team third. If any other order is desired, it must be agreed upon by both captains prior to arrival at courtside.
E.      If a team forfeits 1/3 or more of the season's matches, all of the results for the team's season will be removed from the calculation of the standings for the division. Additionally, the forfeiting team will automatically move down a division level the following season. (added Oct. 2018)

    F.      Matches will be 2 out of 3 sets. Use the 12 point tie–breaker when the score reaches 6–all.

   G.     Balls and refreshments will be supplied by the host team. Balls must be APTA approved yellow or orange, must be used in warm–up and kept warm.

    H.     It is the responsibility of the home team to have courts in condition for matches. (i.e., screens tightened, leaves swept, courts shoveled and de–iced, etc). Height of net in middle is 34”.


4.              DIVISION WINNERS

     A.     The winners of each division shall receive a plaque to be presented at the end of the season.

     B.     For the women, the winner shall be the team that wins the most team matches (i.e., one club vs. another club). 

  •     Where there is a tie, the team having won the greater or greatest amount of individual matches (i.e. courts) shall be declared the winner (i.e. number 1 team vs. number 1 team, etc).
  •       In case of a further tie, the team having won the head–to–head team match (i.e., club vs. tied club) during regular season shall be declared the winner.
  •       In case of a further tie, the team having won the greater number of sets (the total of sets lost subtracted from the total of sets won) shall be declared the winner. In event of a further tie, the team having won the greater number of games (the total of games lost subtracted from the total of games won) shall be declared the winner.

     C.      Men’s Playoffs

  •      At the end of the season the top 4 teams will play in their divisional playoff, which will be scheduled on the same night as their league play.  The format is the #1 team versus the #4 team and the #2 team versus the #3 team, with the highest placed team being the home team. The winners will then play the final, with the highest placed team being the home team. The finals will be played the same night as the first round. The playoff format can be adjusted only if all participating teams agree.  Playoff line-ups will be submitted to division scorekeepers for stacking review and approval 24 hours in advance of playoff.
  •      Balls and refreshments will be provided by the home club of each match.
  •      Players must have played at least twice for the respective team during the regular season to be eligible to play in the Playoffs. Players may only represent one team in the playoffs.
  •     All postponed matches must be made up prior to playoffs (unless they do not affect the team standings).

     D.     The winner of each women’s division will move up a division the following season. The team in last position of a division will move down a division. Further movement of teams between divisions may occur in order to balance the number of teams in each division.

     E.      The winner of each men’s division playoff will have the option to move up a division the following season. If the first place team elects not to move up, the team that finished second will then have the option to move up a division.  If the second place team elects not to move up, the option is passed on to the third and then fourth place teams.  The determination of third and fourth place is by final regular season standings.  If the higher division does not have at least 10 teams, the last place team in the higher division will not be demoted. The Captain of the winning team should communicate the team’s elections directly to the Men’s League Commissioner as soon as possible, but with the first place team deciding no later than August 15th, and the second place team no later than August 25th.


5.              MEN’S RULES

     A.     The Competition Committee, composed of the Men's Commissioner and one member from each Men's Division, will review and approve any changes to the Men's Rules.  Any changes will then be presented to the full GCPTA Board for approval.

     B.      The placement of teams in the Men’s League is at the discretion of the Men’s Competition Committee. 


6.              FEES AND DUES

     A.     Current dues shall be $60 per member team, per year. Late fee is $50 per team if not remitted on time.

     B.      Greater Cincinnati Traveling team dues are $1,200 per team.  Dues for teams from outside the Greater Cinti area are $1,500.




At six games all the players continue to serve in order and from the same side as before.
The server of the first point of the tie–breaker will serve only one point and
that to the AD COURT. Each player will then , in normal service rotation, service twice, first to the DEUCE COURT, and then to the AD COURT. The single point served by the initial server of the tie–breaker results in an immediate change of sides and the teams will continue to change sides in the normal pattern as if the server had served an entire game. First team to win (7) seven points wins the set, although if it be 6–points all, the team must win by 2 points in a row. The set shall be scored at 7–6. The team receiving service for the first point of the tie–breaker shall begin serving the next set from the opposite side from which it received the first point.
The teams shall change sides after the first game.



A       B
C       D

The set began with A serving from the NORTH SIDE. It’s now six games all and it is A’s turn to serve again.
    1. Player A serves point 1 from the AD court. CHANGE SIDES.
    2. Player C serves points 2 and 3, DEUCE court first, AD court second from the North side.
    3. Player B serves points 4 and 5 from the South side, DEUCE court first, AD court second.
    4. Player d serves points 6 and 7 from the South side, DEUCE court first, AD court second.
    5. Player A serves points 8 and 9 from the North side; DEUCE court first, AD court second. CHANGE SIDES.
Repeat above order until one team reaches 7 points or wins by a 2 point margin after each team reaches 6 points. (A good way to remember when to change sides would be when the score adds up to one, five, nine, thirteen, etc. or every four points.)
    6. Team C–D starts serving for the next set from the North side.
    7. Teams change sides after one game.
*Please be aware the 12–point tie–breaker for platform tennis is not
the same as the one used for tennis.



The server shall, throughout delivery of the service, up to the moment of impact of paddle and ball:

  1. Not change position by walking or running.
  2. Not touch, with either foot, any area other than that behind the baseline within the imaginary extension of the center mark and the sideline.

NOTE: The server shall not by the following movements of his feet be deemed to "change position by walking or running:"

  1. Slight movements of the feet which do not materially affect the location originally taken by the server;
  2. An unrestricted movement of one foot, so long as the other foot maintains continuously its original contact with the deck;
  3. Leaving the deck with both feet.

In a match which is not being officiated, footfaults may be called by the server's opponents. The first call of a footfault on each server shall be a let. After this "grace fault", it is loss of point. Under tournament conditions, if there is an umpire or linesmen, they assume the responsibility for calling all footfaults. At any time in any round of a tournament match, any player is entitled to request a footfault judge and/or linesmen.

The “Tick”

Often when the ball ticks the paddle, only the player her/himself can hear it or feel it. It is good etiquette for the player to promptly declare that she/he touched the ball and award the point to her/his opponents.
It is poor sportsmanship for the opponent to declare a player ticked the ball and claim the point. The best person to determine this is the player her/himself and her/his integrity and decision should be respected.

Touching the Net

It is against the rules to touch the net with any part of the body or paddle during the play. A player who touches the net should promptly declare she/he did so and award the point to her/his opponents.

The Carry and the Double Hit

The carry and the double hit will no longer be a loss of point.  In May of 2008 the American Platform Tennis Association Rules Committee voted to discontinue the loss of point for a carry or double hit, scheduled to take effect in the 2008-09 season.

Ball Hitting Player

If a ball in play touches any part of a player’s body (including the hand) the point is lost, even if the player is standing outside the boundary of the court. Often a ball just barely grazes a player’s clothing or hair. It is good etiquette for the player to declare the ball touched her/him and award the point to her/his opponents.

It is poor sportsmanship for any player to declare the ball hit an opponent and claim the point. She/he may, if she/he wishes, politely ask if it did, but the final determination is that player’s to make and her/his integrity and decision should be respected.

Double Bounce

If a player sees the ball has bounced twice before she/he hits it, she/he is honor–bound to call “not up” on her/himself and award the point to the other team.

Reaching Over the Net

It is against the rules to reach over the net, but no player may call an opponent for doing so. It is good sportsmanship for one member of a team to call this infraction on her/his partner if her/his partner has not already called it on her/himself.


Directions to Member Clubs

Camargo Club – 8630 Shawnee Run Road, 45243– 561-6800 Pro: Matt Stiltz mstiltz@camargoclub.com

Take I-71 to Montgomery Road, Maderia Exit #12. Turn northeast on Montgomery road. Turn right on Hosbrook, then left on Euclid and a right on Miami Road and travel about two miles. Turn left on Shawnee Run Road. Travel about 1 and ½ miles. Camargo Club is on the right, but turn left on gravel road to the Paddle courts which are across the street from the Clubhouse.
(4 courts)

Cincinnati Country Club – 2348 Grandin Road,45208 – 533-5200 Pro: Thaddeus Reed treed@cincinnaticountryclub.com

Take I-71 to Dana Exit.(Exit # 5) Turn left on Dana, then right at the second light on to Madison Road. At 3rd light, turn left on Grandin Road. Club is on the left about 1 and ½ miles total from Dana exit. (3 courts)

Cincinnati Sports Club –  www.cincinnatisportsclub.com  3950 Red Bank Road, 45227 (Courts are located at 3829 Virginia Ave, 45227)  – 527-4000  Pro: Jeff Roman jroman@cincinnatisportsclub.com

Take I-71 to the Red Bank Road exit. Go through four traffic lights (approximately 1 and ½ miles). The club driveway is on the left, immediately before the railroad tracks. Park up by the left side of the building near the swimming pool. The courts are up the hill, to the left of the Sports club. An alternative parking area can be reached by taking Red Bank ,to left on Brotherton, right on Erie, then quick left on Murray. Pass by the main entrance to the club. Turn right on Virginia (right past Post office) and you will see parking on your right, by the tennis and paddle courts.(2 courts)

Coldstream Country Club – 400 Asbury Rd,45255 –205-1881 Pro: Jason Grannen jgrannen@gmail.com

From I-275, exit Five Mile Rd; turn souyh onto Five Mile Connector; turn left onto Markley Rd; turn left onto Ayers Rd. Travel up the hill for approx. 1 mile; turn left onto Asbury Rd.

Four Bridges Country Club –  www.fourbridges.com  8300 Four Bridges Drive, 45044  759-4620 (ext 114) Pro: Tyler Fraser  tylerf@fourbridges.com

From I-71 Northbound, take Western Row Road Exit and turn West(left), then right on Butler Warren Road. Four Bridges is on the left after crossing Hamilton-Mason Road.
Or from I-75, take Tylersville Road exit and travel east (right) on Tylersville road for 1 and ½ miles. Turn left on Butler-Warren Rd and club is on the left after crossing Hamilton-Mason Rd. (3 courts)

Glendale Lyceum glendalelyceum.com  865 Congress, 45246- 771-8383 and 771-6998 Pro: Ann Turner anna_b_turner@yahoo.com

From I-275 West, take State Route 747 south. Follow for about 2 or 3 miles. Club is on the right , just past Sharon Rd.  Or from I-75 north, take Sharon Road exit to Congress Road and turn left. The club is about a block ahead on the right. (3 courts)

Hyde Park Golf and Country Club-  www.hydeparkcc.com 3740 Erie Ave, 45208.- 871-3111 Pro: Heather Prop prop.heather@gmail.com

From I-71 , take Red Bank Road exit. Follow Red Bank to Brotherton where you take a left. Turn Right on Erie Avenue and travel about ½ mile to the club on your right. (3 courts)

Indian Hill Winter Clubwww.ihwinterclub.com   10005 Fletcher Rd., 45111– 576-9444

Take Ronald Reagan Hwy to Montgomery Road and go north for ¼ mile. Go right at Remington Road (Milford Rd/Rt. 126). Follow road around crossing over Loveland-Maderia Road. Take right at stop sign where road turns to the right. The club is just ahead on the left ,on the corner of Fletcher and 126.(2 courts)
OR from Mariemont/Terrace Park area, take 50E to 126, just before Milford village. Go left on 126 for 3-5 miles. Fletcher road is on the right (2 courts)

Kenwood -   www.kenwoodcc.com 6501 Kenwood Road, 45243- Tennis/Paddle phone: (513) 271-9476
Pro: Josh Heller jheller@kenwoodcc.com

From I-71 North take the Kenwood Rd exit (#11).  Turn right onto Kenwood Rd.  Kenwood Country Club is about 0.7 miles on your right.

From I-71 South take the Montgomery Road exit (#12).  Turn right onto Montgomery Road.  Go 0.32 miles to Kenwood Road and turn left.  Kenwood Country Club is about 1 mile on your right.(4 courts)

Losantiville Country Club – 3097 Losantiville Road, 45213– 366-4090

From I-71, take the Ridge Ave. exit.(from SB, turn left at light and right on Ridge)and (from NB, take a left on Ridge). Follow Ridge to Woodford. Turn left on Woodford, cross Montgomery Road and Woodford turns into Losantiville Ave. .Club is on the left side about a block down the road. (2 courts)

Maketewah Country Club – maketewah.com    5401 Reading Road, 45237– 242-9200 Pro: Tracy Glassmeyer tracyzob@yahoo.com

Take Norwood Lateral (Rt 561) to Reading Road Exit. Travel north on Reading about ¾ mile and club is on the left. (2 courts)

Oak Hills Swim and Racquet Club –  www.oakhillsswimclub.com Muddy Creek and Sidney Roads, 5850 Muddy Creek Rd,45233 – 922-1827
Take I -74 to Montana Exit. Go left and follow Montana until it dead ends into Glenmore. Take a left there, cross Glenway and then bear right at the stop sign which is Muddy Creek. Club is on the right after the 2nd stop sign and passing Woodland GC. (2 courts)
Or Coming from North/South 75, take Harrison Ave. Exit and follow signs to Queen City Ave. Queen City will dead end into Werk Road. Turn left and follow Werk Road for 4 traffic lights. At 4th light , turn left onto Westbourne. At stop sign, turn right onto Muddy Creek Road. Club is on the right, first driveway past Woodland Golf Course. (2 courts)


Terrace Park Country Club -   terraceparkcc.com  5341 S. Milford Rd, 45150 - 831-3384 Pro: Tracy Glassmeyer tracyzob@yahoo.com

From I-275 - Take Milford Parkway Exit 59A.  Head west on Milford Parkway.  Turn left at light onto Chamber Drive.  At the traffic circle, turn right onto Beechwood Road.  At next traffic light, turn right onto Round Bottom Road.  After you cross the second set of Railroad Tracks, turn right onto South Milford Road and cross the bridge.  Follow South Milford Road along Hole 10 until you come to the entrance of the Club, which will be on the left side of the road.

From Downtown - Take Route 50 (Columbia Parkway) east through Mariemont and Terrace Park.  Just outside of Terrace Park is a traffic light and a bridge indicating Milford.  Turn right at this light and go over the bridge.  Stay in the right-hand lane and go up the hill (Mill Street) to stop sign.  Turn right at the stop sign onto Cleveland Avenue.  Follow Cleveland Avenue (will become S. Milford Road), driving alongside Hole 9, until you come to the entrance of the Club which will be on the right side of the road.

Wyoming Golf Club – www.wyomingohiogolfclub.com    81 Mt Pleasant Ave., 45215– 821-1515

Take Galbraith Road exit from I-75. Go West. Turn right on Vine Street and go North to Mt Pleasant Ave. Turn left and the club is on the left (2 courts)


2018-19 Local Tournament Schedule

Oct 5 - Platinum Invitational

Tournament Chair - Ann Turner
Download Entry Here

Nov 3 - Cincinnati Charities Mixed

Tournament Chairs - Laurie Clark and Denise Bosma

clarkfamily@zoomtown.com or dbosma@cinci.rr.com

Download Entry here


Nov 11 - Adult/Child

Tournament Chair- Jon Pugh


Download Entry Here


Dec 1  - Men's City - Flight 2 Championship (D2 - D5 players, preference given to D2 rostered players)

Tournament Chair - Ralph Shine


Download Entry Here


Dec 15 - Men's City - Flight One Championship (D1 through D5 eligible)

Tournament Chair - Jim Getgey


Download Entry Here


Jan 11-13 - The Midwesterns

Tournament Chair - Mark Kebe


More info - Midwesterns main page

Online Entry available here


Feb 1 - Women's City (Div 1 & 2)

Tournament Chairs - Betsy Schmidt, Julie Bristow, Debbie Davis, Gina Saba


Download Entry Here

Feb 2 - Men's City - Flight 3 Championship aka "The Forney" (D3 to D5 eligible)

Tournament Chair - Jim Getgey


Download Entry Here


Feb 22 - Women's City (Div 3 & 4)

Tournament Chair- Rhonda Logeman


Download Entry Here



Mar - The Hertzel Cup

Tournament Chair - Rob Bakker




Other Tournaments in the Region you may want to consider:

Nov 2-4 - Chicago Charities

More info

Nov 9-11 - Cleveland Masters

More info


Nov 29 - Nov 30 - West Penn Women's

Dec 1-2  -    Men's and Mens'95+ (Pittsburgh)

More info

Feb 1-2 - Columbus Open

More Women's info   More Men's info

Feb 22-24 - Indianapolis Open Mens

More info

Other National Tournaments you may want to consider:

Mar 7-10 - APTA Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA

More info
















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