Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleball, Single Ball, Optic Yellow

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Franklin X-40-Single Ball-Yellow

The USAPA approved X-Performance 40 Pickleball-X balls are one of the finest balls ever created for the sport of pickleball. Using only the best PE material and our advanced rotationally molded single-piece design, this ball will withstand hours of the most aggressive play. The X-Performance 40 balls deliver a superb flight path thanks to the precision of our machine drilled holes. Perfectly weighted and sized, these balls will certainly impress anyone on the court!

  • Official Size:  26gram weight; 74mm diameter
  • 40 precisely machine drilled holes create a balanced flight pattern.
  • The ball is "rotationally molded" to create a one-piece, stronger, long-lasting ball.  The difference from traditional "seam welded" balls is on the inside.
  • Made to comply with USAPA Standards for outdoor tournament pickleball play.
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