HEAD Graphene Touch Speed 135 Squash Racquet


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The Graphene Touch Speed 135 is the heaviest of the Speed power silo, which makes it an overall more stable racquet for the powerful back court player. It features the new Graphene Touch technology, an evolution of Graphene XT, which provides exceptional touch and a solid feel during the most powerful strokes. And to make sure that power is still part of the equation, the revolutionary Corrugated Technology (CT2) incorporates extra-long corrugated rails in the racquet's shaft for additional stiffness while HEAD's Amplified Fibre Technology (AFT) offers additional stiffness. This is the perfect Speed racquet for you if you need a power racquet, which offers stability and control to your back court game. FRAME WEIGHT:135 g / 4.8 oz STRING PATTERN:12/17, 16/17 HEAD SIZE:500 cm / 78 in GRIP SIZE:3 7/8 BALANCE:head light LENGTH:685 mm BEAM:20 mm A Revolutionary Throat Design The next generation of HEAD's Corrugated Technology (CT2) incorporates corrugated rails on all sides of the racquet throat resulting in explosive power on every shot.
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