Viking OZ Prodigy GG (Gradient)

Viking OZ Prodigy GG (Gradient)

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Product Description

The lightest version within our entire line-up, the OZ Prodigy is last year’s TT Pro Ultra, now part of the OZ family. A powerful paddle that offers that extra pop to players looking to generate more of their own pace without sacrificing feel and maneuverability. It features Viking’s proprietary Triple Threat technology for enhanced stability on off-center shots, carbon mesh rim, new silencer dampener, and extra holes enhancements. 

carbon mesh rim:yes
weight oz/grams:12.3/350
power rating:7
core density:low
surface features:grit
triple threat:yes
silence dampener:yes
extra holes:yes
surface area:85 sq. inch
overall length:18"
handle length:standard
grip sizes:4 1/4

re-gripping this paddle using the viking res/thin replacement grip will reduce the handle size to 4 1/8"