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Westchester Platform Tennis League
9-20-2013 We have switched to an updated interactive website here: www.paddlepro.com/wptl2 you will be automatically directed

2013-2014 League Notice:
Captains e-mail has been sent - if you have not received it e-mail wptl@paddlepro.com immediately


League Notice:
We are transitioning to an updated website
All information for the 2012-2013 Season is located here www.paddlepro.com/wptl2

Captains MUST add their immediately in order to report scores




Divisions 1-4 League Notice:
Matches scheduled for February 14th have been rescheduled for March 6th. (Divisions 5-8 will play on 2-15 as scheduled)

1-3-2012 Welcome Larchmont Shore Club 2 as a new team to the WPTL.
1-2-2012 Happy New Year. Final division moves have been made and the second half schedule will be posted in the next few days. Expect play to start Jan 10th and 11th

League Notice:
Some teams have completed their full half as scheduled, the majority have used one rain date. Rain out dates of Dec 20th for Divisions I -IV and 21st for Divisions V-VIII should be used for the first match rained out. If teams used a second rain out it must be made up at any other time.

11-14-2011 Belle Haven Club has dropped from Division 8 effective immediately. Division 8 Schedule will be revised for next week.
If any club has extra players and would like to take this spot int he league please e-mail wptl@paddlepro.com
10-30-2011 The Division 8 schedule has been altered to reflect the loss of a team.
10-20-2011 We had a drop out in the league, If any club is interested in fielding another team please contact Bob Considine wptl@paddlepro.com immediately
10-17-2011 1st half Schedule has been posted. Please note changes may be made so check web version each week.

League Notice:
League Play is scheduled to begin on Tuesday and Wednesday October 25th and 26th.
Captains please downlod pdf2011 invoice and Rostersroster forms and submit ASAP

ROSTERS ARE MANDITORY (minimum of player name and e-mail) Due no later than October 15th e-mail to wptl@paddlepro.com . Failure to submit roster may result in loss of team position.


Captian please check Captains List if information needs to be changed or updated please e-mail wptl@padldepro.com
Note next to your team name:
R = Roster submitted (manditory this year)
P = League dues paid


Congratulations all 20010-2011 winners!
New York Athletic Club - Playoff Champions
trophy Westchester CC / Greenburgh - Co Division I Winners
trophy Scarsdale GC- Division II Winners
trophy New York Athletic Club 2 - Division III Winners
trophy Century CC - Division IV Winners
trophy Larchmont YC 3 - Division V Winners
trophy Orienta BC 3 - Division VI Winners
trophy Manursing IC - Division VII Winners
trophy New Rochelle Tennis Club - Division VIII Winners
Winning Captains:
word Please download form for plaque. Fill out and return to wptl@paddlepro.com
Due to potentially dangeous driving conditions the WPTL advises to not play tonight. Week 4 will be moved to the end of the schedule and the rain date pushed back one week if needed.
1-03-2010 League Notice:
The Second half schedule has been posted, please be aware that changes may be made as we hear about court availibility and conflicts.
12-29-2010 League Notice:
The Second half will Begin January 11th - 12th. Schedule will be published sometime during the first week in January.
All Captains please check the "Captains" page to verify your team has paid - marked by a "P" next to your name, contact wptl@paddlepro.com if you have any questions.

League Notice:
Three new teams will be entering the WPTL in the second half Bailiwick, New Rochelle Tennis Club, and Wykagyl 3. We need one more team to round out division 8 if any club can field another team please contact wptl@paddlepro.com as soon as possible

12-15-2010 League Notice:
There are lots of unreported scores please note teams have until Thursday December 22 to report these scores so teams can be moved up/down and second hald schedule can be made.
NY State Mixed
NY State Mixed Doubles
January 8th 2010
Sign up here
11-14-2010 The Sound Shore Invitational will return to Fox Meadow as the primary site this year. There is something for everyone: a "B" tournament, with spirited competition and a National and Regional Ranking tournament. Favors, prizes, fabulous lunch and beverages! Saturday, November 20 (finals on Sunday, November 21) at Fox Meadow and other area sites. Space in each event is limited and you don't want to be shut out! Sign up today
10-18-2010 The Schedule has been posted for Divisions 1-4, The schedule for Divisions 5-8 should be finalized in the next 24 hours.

League Meeting: @ Fox Meadow Tennis Club Sunday October 10th
Division Representatives 4pm
All Captains 5-7pm.
Meesing sponsored by the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame

New 2010-2011 Viking and Wilson paddles will be available for Captains to demo starting at 4:30.
Discounts on cases of balls will also be available e-mail wptl@paddlepro.com to reserve your cases for $225/cash . This is one night only!


League Play is scheduled to begin on Tuesday and Wednesday October 26th and 27th.
Captains please downlod pdf2010 invoice and Rostersroster forms and submit as soon as possible.


Tenative 2nd half Schedules have been posted.
NOTE: adjustments may be made.


League Notice Rosters still needed:
Minimum information is players name and e-mail. Download form and send to wptl@paddlepro.com
Rosters2009-2010 Roster Worksheet

check captains page “R” indicates ROSTER minimum requirements have been submitted
Note: Teams who have NOT submitted rosters will not be allowed to protest. Protests against teams without rosters will be weighted.

12-30-2009 Second half will begin Tuesday January 5th and Wednesday January 6.
Schedule will be posted once arrangements form upaid teams have been made.
NY State Mixed
NY State Mixed Doubles
January 9th 2010
Sign up here
WmxPTL Westchester to begin mixed paddle pladdle league in Jan 2010
Click here for details

League Notice
Please check: CAPTAINS PAGE
“p” indicates PAID
“R” indicates ROSTER submitted

Submit payment and or Roster by Jan 1st or your team will not be included in the 2nd half schedule.  pdf2009-2010 Invoice
Rosters2009-2010 Roster Worksheet

Sound Shore Invitational
Westchester Players - Last call for Sound Shore Invitational
there are approximately 6 spots left in the "B" Draw for this weekend.

Sign up now

10-25-09 Schedule changes have been made affecting divisions 3, 5 and 6. please used updated schedule

League Notice
Captains Please download and submit Invoice and Rosters ASAP
pdf2009-2010 Invoice
Rosters2009-2010 Roster Worksheet
If you have not recieved the Captains letter please e-mail wptl@paddlepro.com

9-30-09 The 2009-2010 season will begin on Tuesday, October 27th and Wednesday, October 28th. Schedules will be posted after October 20th.

If you have a change of captain or other information that we need in order to complete the schedules, please send us an email with that information.
3-30-09 CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Rice & Ken Katz on their victory in the YET (Year End Tournament)!
See the complete draw here:
3-25-09 The tournament draw is now filled.
Please contact wptl@paddlepro.com to be placed on the Wait List.
3-05-09 Tournament Notice: The WPTL End of Year Tournament is once again approaching.
If you didn't play last year, you missed some exceptional paddle, good food, good drinks, tons of laughs and a GREAT DAY even though it rained. 
Last year's draw

Who can play? All league players in Division 2 and below (first 32 teams to enter). You must play with someone from your own club
How Much? $20 per paddle
What do I get? 2 matches guaranteed; food and beverage; a good time; aches, pains and strains.
Date/Time: March 28th   3 p.m. start
Location:  Fox Meadow Tennis Club and surrounding venues.

                  SIGN UP HERE
1-03-09 League Notice
Play will resume on Tuesday, January 6th and Wednesday, January 7th.
Schedules are posted.
12-26-08 League Notice
All scores from the first half must be reported no later than 12 noon Thursday Dec 31st


League Notice
These teams risk being excluded from the second half of the season because they have not yet paid their dues:
White Plains 1, Belle Haven and Beach Point 2. Dues must be paid by December 31st! Invoice for 2008-2009

If you cannot submit payment by Dec 31st contact wptl@paddlepro.com

NY Mixed Calling all Westchester players for the NY State Mixed tournament on January 10th. Find a partner and sign up today! Michele Jellinek promises this will be a fun day of competition.

Sound Shore InvitationalThe Sound Shore Invitational is November 22-23
ie Sign Up Online

This year brings a renewed effort of the “B” Flight.  A chance for the local platform tennis community to enjoy great matches, great food and interesting favors. 

In the past, many of the local clubs have supported the SSI by providing both players and courts.  If you have participated in this tournament, you know how memorable the event can be.  Plus, most of you (except the Ridders and Dausey) can beat me --- so you might get a virtual BYE in the first round.  ~ John Walzer

10-22-08 There have been some changes to the schedule since it was published. Please check carefully to see if any of the changes involve your team.
10-20-08 SCHEDULES have been posted. Division 7 will be completed when we knoe whether or not there are more teams entering. Please be sure that your club dues have been paid.
10-14-08 SCHEDULES have been posted for the first week's play. Full schedule will be posted ASAP.
09-26-08 League Notice
Invoice for 2008-2009 - Please download and return with payment.

DEMO NIGHT Friday October 10th 7pm at Village Courts
New Equiptment / balls / and footwear will be available to try

09-24-08 League Notice
Please mark your calendars - Divisions 1-4 will start Tuesday Oct 21st. Divisions 5-7 Wednesday Oct 22.

Congratulations all 2007-2008 winners!
New York Athletic Club - Playoff Champions
trophy New York Athletic Club - Division I Winners
trophy Larchmont Yacht Club - Division II Winners
trophy Orienta Beach Club 2- Division III Winners
trophy Ardsley Country Club - Division IV Winners
trophy Wykagyl Country Club 2- Division V Winners
trophy Bronxville Village 4 - Division VI Winners
trophy Burning Tree - Division VII Winners

Congratulations to Mark Warnken and David Berdon on their victory in the WPTL Year End Tournament! View the full draw.

Winners Mark Warnken & David Berdon

Finalists Chip Niedt & Ara Proudian

OBC Players
Orienta Beach Club representatives Steve Trifiletti, Chuck Reilly, Steven Trifiletti and Andy Regan.

03-05-08 The draw for the WPTL Year End Tournament has been made. All matches will be played at Fox Meadow Tennis Club. Players are asked to report at 8:30 AM on Saturday, March 8.
02-27-08 The Tuesday weather did not cooperate! Please schedule your first make-up matches for 3-4-08 and your second rained out matches on 3-11-08
02-20-08 WPTL Year End Tourney is scheduled!
When: Saturday, March 8
Where: Fox Meadow and area clubs
Who: All league players in Division 2 and below (first 32 teams to enter)
How to sign up: Click here
Details: You must play with someone from your own club; fee is $20 & one new ball per player; 2 matches guaranteed; lunch for players; afternoon food and beverage for all league participants
01-01-08 Second half is scheduled to begin on Jan 7th/8th. We are waiting for payment from a couple teams, schedule will be posted on or before Monday Jan 6th.
11-27-2007 Unpaid Teams
Captains please check 'captains list' If your name does not have a "P" next to it your team has not submitted payment for this year - Please download Invoice for 2007-2008 and return with payment.
11-13-2007 The B Draw of the Sound Shore Invitational has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 1. We hope that this will give more of you an opportunity to participate. Sign-up today!

Those who were enrolled should contact us to let us know if you are available to participate on December 1, or if you will stop at Fox Meadow on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the social hour and pick up your favor. Refunds will be issued to those unable to play on the new date.
Sound Shore InvitationalScarsdale, NY
Come to Fox Meadow for the first Region I Men's PCQ and NRT of the season - the Sound Shore Invitational. This season the tournament committee will be focusing on strengthening the "B" Tournament while keeping the "A" draw as strong as in the past. Tournament Director Mike Cochrane has enlisted Marjorie Hodson to help with all administrative duties for the tournament. Again this year, all surplus proceeds from the tournament will be donated to Charlie's Champions, a foundation created by Tara and John Schmitt, whose mission is to raise awareness and funds to benefit the Cancer Center for Kids. Sign up today to ensure a great day of paddle, food and fun and to support this great cause.
11-08-2007 Division VII - Belle Haven has replaced Scarsdale Village 3 in this division. Please check the revamped schedule for changes.
10-29-2007 WPTL welcomes Bruce Kaliner and Metropolis to Division VII. Captains please note you no longer have a bye.
10-21-2007 WPTL has room for an additional team in Division VII - If you know someone with interest in joining the league please have them contact Bob Considine at wptl@paddlepro.com
10-19-2007 Schedules have been posted. Because of Halloween next week Division V begins this Wednesday. Captains may agree to play either this week or on Halloween.
10-09-2007 League Notice
2007-2008 Season will be scheduled to begin as follows
Divisions 5, 6, and 7 on Wednesday October 24th
Divisions 1-4 on Tuesday October 30th
schedules will be posted shortly.
10-01-2007 League Notice
Invoice for 2007-2008 - Please download and return with payment.


If you would like to be informed when this page is updated, please enter your email address in the form to the left.


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