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Official Viking Junior Tour divisions are 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14 & Under and 18 & Under


This all junior tournament is part of the The Viking Junior Tour - a 13 tournament tour played in 13 cities across the country.

This is an APTA sanctioned event and is the only junior tournament used to

compile end of season rankings for junior players. This tournament will also serve as the season finale for Cincinnati's inaugural Junior Paddle League.


TO REGISTER, VISIThttp://www.vikingjuniortour.com/cincinnati.html

For more information, contact Ashley Todd at 673-5316 or ashley@cinci.rr.com


Men's "B" Tournament

Saturday , February 23

The tourney is open to all non-division I league participants. Entry fee is $35 per paddle / $70 per team and the entry deadline is Tuesday, February 19. Entries received after Tuesday will be accepted / rejected at the discretion of Dave and Vince (Don’t want to go to an odd # of teams at the last minute). Please help us in promoting this event and making it a fun day for all. Any questions, call Dave Gold (708-2438) or Vince Prop (708-4311). Play will be held at Wyoming, Beckett, QCRC, and Glendale with the semis and finals at Glendale.

2008 Adult/Child Tournament

 The weather was great for the 5th Annual Cincinnati Adult/Child Tournament held on Sunday January 6. Twenty-eight teams were entered. They played their matches at The Cincinnati Country Club, The Glendale Lyceum, Queen City Racquet Club and The Wyoming Golf Club.  The children were enthusiastic as they encouraged the adults to play harder and high fives and smiles were seen frequently. A round robin format was used in all divisions with the 2 teams having the highest number of rounds won playing in the finals.

 In the 8-10 Division

Winners: Allison and Andrew Head

Runner Ups: Sam Wiethe and Bob Kooris

 In the 12 and under Division

Winners: Niki and Ted Plattenburg

Runner Ups: Jordan and Michael Bain

 In the 14 and under Division

Winners: Dawson Stokley and Lynn Schneebeck

Runner Ups: Linnea Head and Joe Hall

 In the 18 and under Division

Winners: Luke and John White

Runner Ups: John and Jay Fovel

 Many thanks to Nancy Budde for providing the balls, and Ashley Todd, Chandler Todd and Thadeus Reed for helping to organize and run the event.


Submitted by: Diane Todd, Tournament Chairman


 In the 8-10 Division

Winners: Allison and Andrew Head

Runner Ups: Sam Wiethe and Bob Kooris


In the 12 and under Division

Winners: Niki and Ted Plattenburg

Runner Ups: Jordan and Michael Bain


 In the 14 and under Division

Winners: Dawson Stokley and Lynn Schneebeck

Runner Ups: Linnea Head and Joe Hall


Ridge Travelers & River City Paddle Teams Acquired by Queen City Racquet Club

In a surprise development coming out of the River City and Ridge Traveler camps it was announced Tuesday that both teams would be joining Queen City Racquet Club effective immediately and playing under the Queen City name. Due to their year in year out battle for league supremacy, River City will be now Queen City RC I and the middle of the road Ridge Travelers will be Queen City RC II.

"In meeting with both team's front offices, it was apparent that after all the miles logged and all the balls, drinks, and snacks purchased through the years that we find a home for our teams. Queen City just seemed to be the most logical home for these teams," commented Queen City II co-captain Eric Toth.

"We are proud to share a home with the former Ridge Travelers and establish, through being named Queen City I, that we are the premier team at the club," Queen City I captain Seth Dimling said. "Our hosting of home matches will no doubt only enhance the probability of a league championship in '07-'08."

Others don't seem quite as enthused or are confused on the future of the teams.

"It really makes no difference to me. I'll hit somebody on any court I play on," commented premier league and Queen City I player Doug Jones.

"Does this mean I'm still in the Premier league ?" asked a bewildered Queen City II co-captain Andy Heldman.

More communication will follow as to the schedule changes as to when the Queen City teams will host home matches.

"I anticipate matches being at Queen City on Tuesday Nov. 13," proclaimed an excited Toth. "I'm working with the powers that be at Queen City for the building of a paddle stadium or at the very least working with nearby Princeton HS on securing some temporary stands that they will not be using now that their football and soccer seasons have come to a close. The sky is the limit for our new home."

Cincinnati Junior Paddle League Opens Its First Season


This season, junior paddle players, 8 years and older, will compete against one another in a Friday night league.  League matches will take place at the various participating clubs on 11/6, 11/30, 12/7, 1/18, 2/1 and 2/15.  Participating clubs include Cincinnati Country Club, Beckett Ridge Country Club, Hyde Park Country Club, the Glendale Lyceum and the Wyoming Golf Club.  Other clubs or teams are encouraged to join in by contacting Ashley Todd at Ashley@cinci.rr.com.




Preseason Analysis

Men's Division 4

Defending champions Camargo has split their team, sending Jeff Gibson, Dave Gerwin, Potter Orr, the Parlin brothers and others up to Division 3.  Rumors abound that a shoe contract for Jeff was involved.  And only at Camargo could your replace a Potter Orr with a Warner Off.


In the first upset of the season, Camargo defeated Cincinnati Country Club 17-14 in roster spots.  This is the first time in my recollection that Cincy did not start with the largest roster.


With the splitting of Camargo, Wyoming and Queen City have to be considered favorites at this point.  Queen City has executed a trade with Glendale, picking up Steve Geary.  What Glendale received in return is still a mystery and Queen City’s power rating was unaffected.  (Their party rating was enhanced).


Beckett returns its whole team and can be expected to battle for mediocrity again.


Cincy Sports Mall (Club, Whatever) returns intact with one new member.


Four Bridges has expanded and split into two teams with most of last years members creating FB1.  Darren Cottle must have drawn the short straw, he appears to be the only returnee delegated to FB2.  This could be a desperate attempt by Tony to avoid last place.


Hyde Park returns intact with a couple new names.  In a surprise move, Lee is acting as a non-playing captain for the Men’s 3 team.  Probably related to his skills at creating smokescreens.


Mark Gall has had a major shakeup at Indian Hill, 3 returnees and 8 new names.


And finally Wyoming returns their entire team (including my mole).  At least this year I won’t get Doug and Jeff Gibson confused.

Submitted by Dave Forney


Welcome to Four Bridges Country Club!


Four Bridges Country Club To Add a 3rd Court for the 2007-08 Season

Four Bridges Country Club is proud to announce that a third platform tennis court will be in place for the 2007-08 season.  The addition of the 3rd court was approved after significant increases in the amount of play in each of the first two seasons.  According to Jason Gray, Director of Racquet Sports, "We are excited to offer another court to our membership and perspective members.  As our club grows, it's important that we continue to expand the facility as needed."

Four Bridges currently offers a "Platform Tennis Membership" for an annual fee of $500 which includes use of the platform tennis facility as well as dining privledges in the clubhouse.  For more information contact Jason Gray at 513-759-4620 ext. 114.


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