A-1 Aero AC1 / 3K Carbon Fibre Paddleball Paddle


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The Aero Series is our newest collection to the A-1 paddle family.  Our three new models were very carefully specked out and designed.  They all feature our exclusive hole pattern allowing for greater air flow while maximizing its power.  The AERO models were all made using our exclusive mould.  One of the things that sets the AERO models apart from all others is they are all 22mm, the thickest paddles we have ever made..  This allows for incredible power while hitting, but still maintain a light paddle.

Each paddle is perfectly balanced which allows for exceptional control and power. The handles were made on the smaller side which allows each player to uniquely build up the handle to their liking although most players prefer our standard grip.   All A-1 AERO models are perfect for either “small ball” or “big blue”. After over 15 years of manufacturing paddles we believe we have captured all of the characteristics of our greatest components into the AERO series.

  • Face Material: Full 3K Carbon Fibre w/ Medium Texture
  • Core: Medium Density EVA
  • Weight: 325g / 11.5oz
  • Size: 210mmx432mm / 8.25”x17”
  • Thickness: 22mm
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