PROLITE Turns 40

Jan 27th 2024

PROLITE, established in 1984 by Arlen Paranto, a Boeing engineer, and his son Steve Paranto, marked the inception of their entrepreneurial journey. Arlen's engineering expertise was pivotal as he crafted paddles from floor panels in their garage, meticulously adjusting the weight ratio to emulate that of tennis racquets and balls. Situated in the Northwest, the birthplace of pickleball, PROLITE swiftly became synonymous with innovation in the sport. Its technological advancements revolutionized the dynamics of pickleball, profoundly shaping its modern gameplay.Neil Friedenberg, an avid pickleball enthusiast, serves as the President and Owner at PROLITE Sports, overseeing the company's daily operations. 

PROLITE stands out as a distinctive company, not only in its products but also in its philosophy. It champions uniqueness, opting for pathways less traveled by competitors. As a legacy brand that recognized the benefits of pickleball early on and engineered advanced equipment, PROLITE is deeply immersed in the sport. One notable difference lies in how the company utilizes its team of players. While they may not participate in major tournaments like the PPA, they actively engage in local and regional events, as well as in teaching the game to their communities. Most of these players are highly skilled and represent diverse demographics and professions, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, and nurses. PROLITE previously sponsored professional players but shifted its focus after analyzing the return on investment and recognizing the exponential growth of the sport. To PROLITE, true professionals in the sport are the individuals found on courts across various communities, contributing significantly to both the sport and their localities.