Master Athletics 2023 MPro-EDGE Platform Tennis Paddle

Master Athletics

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The patented rib technology in the frame is offered exclusively on the MPro, providing extra stiffness, more stability, and less vibration. The result is a firmer feel and improved control. Designed for the top

players but can be enjoyed by all.


Core Density: High-density core for the ultimate in control

Hole Pattern: 85 hole high position for more spin and control

Hole Size: Maximum 3/8” size for ultimate spin and control

Weight Oz/Gms: 360 grams/12.6 oz.

Balance: 270mm/Even

Surface Area: 93 sq in

Grip Type: Master Athletics 4 Layer Cushion Grip

Length: 18”

EDGE Technology: Yes

Enhanced Sweet Spot: Yes

Throat Area: Tapered “Stability Zone”

Grip Size: 4 1/4 (Grip 2)

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