Oooh Yeah! Adult Face Mask

Oooh Yeah!

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Face Mask Mouth Cover - Together Face Mask Mouth Cover -
Hell-No Bob Ross Face Mask Mouth Cover - Happy Coulds Bloom Bob Ross Face Mask
Mouth Cover - Happy Little Trees Face Mask Mouth Cover - All Black Face Mask
Mouth Cover - Hi Fabric 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100%
Cotton 100% Cotton Filter 5 Layers 5 Layers 5 Layers 5 Layers 5 Layers 5
Layers Reusable ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Bob Ross - Happy Clouds Bloom Bandana Bob Ross -
Happy Little Trees Bandana Black NASA Space Bandana White NASA Space X Bandana
Dia Muertos Bandana Be Free American Flag Bandana Everyday Comfortable Mask
Washable and reusable. Quality fabric and construction. Fun Designs that make
a statement Enjoy from all our fun lifestyle designs. Straw hole Masks VELCRO
CLOSEABLE STRAW HOLE enjoy your drinks in public while wearing a face mask
Read more Adjustable Ear Loops Adjustable elastic earloops reduce pressure on
ears. Expandable and steady to fit face. Eco Packaging Environmental Packaging
to reduce the waste on our planet. Layer with Filter Pocket Premium quality
100% Cotton 3 Layer PPE inner gauze with optional filter pocket that fits any
2.5 pm filters, maximizing protection and ventilation. Read more
  • 3 layer and 100% cotton mask. Reusable machine washable cotton mask.
  • FILTER POCKET with 2 PM filters - We recommend using a disposable filter with these masks, which feature a slit for a PM 2.5 disposable filter (2 included).
  • Adjustable ear straps - each mask has soft elastic ear straps to maximize comfort.
  • Flexible wire nose band for best fit and prevents fogging when mask is worn with glasses. Modern design for maximum breathability.
  • Non-Medical Mask
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