Wilson Steam Lite GRUUV V2 Platform Tennis Paddle


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The Steam Lite GRUUV v2 gives players excellent power and improved feel in a lightweight composition. This paddle is headlined by GRUUV, a technology featuring angled holes in the middle of the paddle that grab the ball for more spin and feel. 

  • Beam 19 mm
  • Core Type Lite
  • Head Size 86 sq in
  • Length 18 in
  • Weight 360 g


  • Lite Density Foam Maximizes responsiveness in a lightweight composition to produce soft, controlled shot placement for an effective finesse game.
  • No Grit Zone Removes the rough grit texture from the bottom of the paddle, leaving a smooth surface that reduces finger discomfort during play.
  • Killer Grit Triples the amount of grit on the paddle surface for extra control and feel for the ball.
  • LH Technology Delivers enhanced spin through an advanced hole-drilling process that maximizes hole sizing.
  • GRUUV Angled holes provide more surface area upon ball contact for enhanced feel and allow edges of holes to better grab the ball for increased spin.
  • Bottle Opener Patented technology located at the base of the handle for those who want to drink responsibly.
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