Adidas Essnova Carbon 3.1 Padel Paddle


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A second faster or slower, the margin between a good ball and a bad ball. You know that to play to the maximum you have to know how to find the harmony between the limits. The exact balance and perfect equilibrium is ESSNOVA. The paddle incorporates eXoskeleton technology, a carbon fiber reinforcement located in the heart of the racket that provides great rigidity. SPIN BLADE GRITT technology will help you produce more spin and feel the ball better at every impact. The combination of the low-density EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE foam and the 3K CARBON surface is a perfect mix that will allow you to feel an incredible hitting sensation.

  • EXOSKELETON The eXoskeleton technology incorporates carbon fibers inserted into the frame and core structure to increase the power and structural rigidity of the racket.
  • SPIN BLADE GRITT SPIN BLADE GRITT technology is a special sand-format roughness incorporated over the entire striking surface. This technology will help you to produce the best spin and enhance your feel of the ball.
  • CARBON 3K The 3K braided carbon surface provides extra rigidity. This will allow you to obtain greater power in the stroke.
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