Lobster Grand 20-Function Wifi Apple® remote


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The Lobster grand remote for Apple consists of a factory installed wi-fi receiver plus the free Lobster grand remote control app available for download on the app store.

Our proprietary system allows you to use Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, or iPad devices as the remote controller for complete operation of your elite grand series or phenom series tennis ball machines. Apple users will enjoy the benefit of not needing an additional remote control devise to keep track of and Watch users will be amazed at the convenience of controlling the machine from their wrist.

If not installed at the time of purchase of machine, it is possible to upgraded to the grand remote for Apple by either sending the machine to Lobster for installation or purchasing the part online and self-installing with the use if our video tutorial.

  • Compatible with elite grand series machines, phenom machines and the pickle champion by Lobster only.
  • Drop ships directly from Lobster. Delivery can take 10-14 days.
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