Master Athletics 2023 L2-EDGE Platform Tennis Paddle

Master Athletics

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Like our L1, the L2 is the largest paddle on the market today with the smallest grip size. The incredibly large sweet spot will give you the ultimate advantage on every shot.


Core Density: Unique composite rubber and foam core for a soft feel with POP

Hole Pattern: 85 hole high position for more spin and control

Hole Size: Maximum 3/8” size for ultimate spin and control

Weight Oz/Gms: 350 grams/12.3 oz.

Balance: 270mm/Even

Surface Area: 100 sq in

Grip Type: Master Athletics 4 Layer Cushion Grip

Length: 18”

EDGE Technology: Yes

Enhanced Sweet Spot: Yes

Throat Area: Tapered “Stability Zone”

Grip Size: 4” (Grip 0)

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  • MA Platform tennis paddle

    Oct 10th 2022

    John Rowland


    I have been trying out a number of different paddles. - I have used Viking, vortex, Wilson and MA. I just got the 2023 L2-Edge. I was interested in the larger face and I like the MA weight and balance system. I had been using an older M1 edge paddle that I like a lot. - it has a great pop sound when hitting the ball. The new MA oversized paddle has a soft sound. First use was hard to get used to not hearing the "pop" and I had added both the dampening and the extra weight strips. I felt like the paddle was too heavy and did not care for the paddle. I then removed all of the added strips and played with it again and liked it more. Going to try it with just the damping and see how it plays this way. Overall I'm still not sure about the larger head size which in itself adds more weight to the paddle.. I also have last years Wilson GRUUV and I prefer the MA paddle to that one.