Master Athletics 2023 M2-EDGE Platform Tennis Paddle

Master Athletics

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The M2 Edge is part of Master Athletics' EDGE series where players can custom weight paddles to their individual preferences. The M2 Edge is for all players seeking a well-balanced lightweight paddle with some real POP, exceptional sweet spot, and all-around performance. Coupled with the EDGE Tuning Kit*, you have the option of applying either weighted or dampening strips to the "Edge" of the paddle, giving you ultimate flexibility to customize your game. A new super grit feature combines the benefit of our extra course Pro Grit in the center of the paddle where you need it most with a lighter M30 Grit around the edges for ultimate control. The tapered "Stability Zone" adds more stiffness and strength to the throat area and its smooth surface provides extra comfort during grip changes and on two-handed backhand shots. Advanced Carbon Matrix material in the throat adds even more stiffness for greater power and strength in the shaft. The 2023 Master Athletic models include a removable butt cap to provide access to inside the handle. This makes further custom tail weighting easy if you prefer a more headlight feel.

* EDGE Tuning Kit sold separate


Core Density: Unique composite rubber and foam core for soft feel with POP

Hole Pattern: 85 hole high position for more spin and control

Hole Size: Maximum 3/8” size for ultimate spin and control

Weight Oz/Gms: 360 grams/12.6 oz.

Balance: 265mm/Even

Surface Area: 93 sq in

Grip Type: Master Athletics 4 Layer Cushion Grip

Length: 18”

EDGE Technology: Yes

Enhanced Sweet Spot: Yes

Throat Area: Tapered “Stability Zone”

Grip Size: 4 1/4” (Grip 2)

2 Reviews Add Review
  • Great paddle if you like a little extra

    Apr 6th 2023



    You either love or hate the M2 because of the extra bounce you get. I love it.

  • Master Athletics M2

    Mar 26th 2023

    Brink Cawley


    Amazing feel, control and great quality made paddle. The best unlike the rest!