Master Athletics Platform Tennis Tuning Kit

Master Athletics

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The Tuning kit allows players to tune EDGE paddles with up to 20grams of weight or add vibration-dampening silicone.

Kit includes:

2  2gram Vibration Dampening strips

4  5gram Weighting strips

Weighting Instructions:

Paddles can be weighted up to 20 grams by using all 4 strips to fit inside the EDGE of paddles.  To customize and rebalance weights can be placed toward the grip for a head light feel, or toward the top of the paddle for more head weighted.*   To maintain balance there is a balance point marked inside the EDGE of the paddle, center your weight on this mark

Vibration Dampener:

At only 2 grams per strip, the whole weighting strip should be applied to the EDGE*


If only one weighting strip is used the Vibration Strip can be cut to fill any additional space in the EDGE

  • The Tuning kit allow players to tune “EDGE†paddles with up to 20grams of weight or add vibration dampening silicone.
  • Includes: 2-2gram Vibration Dampening Strips and 4-5gram Weighting Strips
  • Master Athletics Tuning Kit – Designed to work with EDGE paddles.
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