Master Athletics Q1 - "Quiet" Pickleball Paddle

Master Athletics

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Q is for Quiet: The Q1 is radically different than traditional pickleball paddles.  Two areas of noise were addressed to dampen sound and lower pitch.

1. A rubber coating on the surface dampens impact sound and reduces pitch.

2. A foam core dampens echo further reducing sound

This paddle was specifically designed to address noise concerns in communities. Using our sound-dampening skin with a silencer core to make it the quietest paddle on the market.   So if you're looking to "kill 'em with quiet", look no further than our Q1 paddle.

Note: This paddle is NOT USA Pickleball approved for tournament play.

  • Q is for Quiet: The Q1 is radically diffrent than traditional pickleball paddles
  • Rubber Skin: Dampens impact and lowers pitch to closer to that of a tennis ball
  • Foam core: Reduces echo
  • Carbon molded: Solid one piece construction limits vibration
  • Rimless design: For a larger sweetspot
  • NOT USA Pickleball approved
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  • Paddle q1

    Aug 28th 2022

    John Abate


    This paddle may revolutionize the game. Players who understand spin will adore this paddle.