Humphreys/LeFevre win Sound Shore Invitational

Michael Cochrane - Oct 11th 2021

Bronxville, NY

The #2 seeded team of Chris Humphreys and Nathan LeFevre won the Sound Shore invitational at Siwanoy Country Club on Saturday, October 9th over the #1 seeded team of Juan Arraya and Patricio Misitrano in an exciting back and forth match. Humphreys/LeFevre (2) bested Arraya/Misitrano (1) in a hard fought 3-set final. Incredible shot making and athleticism was on full display by all four athletes as they gave the enthusiastic crowd plenty to cheer about. Humphreys/LeFevre defeated LePivert/Montalbano 6-2, 6-3 in their semifinal match while Array/Misitrano won 6-2, 6-1 over Cochrane/Hansen. Fans were treated to an excellent pig roast while watching the late matches.