Year-round Pickleball addiction? Padel is here to help

Tanner Garrity - - Nov 14th 2022

There are almost too many ways to chart pickleball’s meteoric rise over the last 18 months.

Look to the now 35,000 courts across the United States (double the number from just five years ago), or Bill Gates’ impassioned essay on the sport, or explosive search growth on Google Trends, or the fact that Major League Pickleball seems to add a new high-octane investor to its 2023 ownership group every other week; it currently counts the eclectic grouping of LeBron James, Tom Brady, Anheuser-Busch, Kim Clijsters, Mark Lusry and Gary Vaynerchuk amongst its investors.

The easiest way for me to chart its progress, though, has been to just look outside my window. I live above McCarren Park in North Brooklyn, where my ever-on-the-move neighbors like to congregate to run laps around the track, let their dogs off the leash, toss frisbees, play softball and the like. There’s a tennis facility, too (it’s nice, though a tough place to secure court-time, like everywhere else in the city), which has a massive, undeveloped blacktop next to it

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