PELLO PXIII Elongated Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


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Meet the latest addition to the Pello arsenal, the Pello PXIII 800 Carbon
Fiber Pickleball Paddle. It’ll kick your pickleballing to the next level. From
its extra thick design and additional weighting to its updated polypropylene
core and elongated head and longer grip, the PXIII marries massive stability
with a buttload of power.
  • Ideal for a more advanced player looking for a paddle with put away power, the PXIII is up to the task
  • POWER & STABILITY - With thicker 16mm design, updated polypropylene core, elongated head and longer grip
  • ELONGATED GRIP - The 5 3/4 no-slip grip allows players to generate even more paddle speed. Perfect for players using 2 hands and two handed backhands
  • LONGER HEAD & HANDLE - Help you generate more paddle speed, while the additional weight and larger sweet spot from the cores thicker design increase stability at impact for effortless power and depth.
  • ULTRA THICK DESIGN - At 16 mm and 8.5 ounces, you wont find a thicker, weightier paddle out there. Combine that with its mondo head and grip length, and the PXIII reigns when it comes to power and stability
  • LEADING PICKLEBALL TECH + ULTIMATE PADDLE PERFORMANCE - Our thickest grip and longest paddle yet! The PXII pickleball paddle is constructed using our premium 18K Toray 800 carbon fiber - 66% stronger than typical Toray 300 carbon fiber used in most pickleball paddles on the market. Our 18K carbon fiber's strength relative to composite, graphite and fiberglass is exponentially stronger - This translates to greater durability, a more consistent hitting surface and a HUGE sweet spot.
  • PROPRIETARY MOLDING PROCESS - STRENGTH & CONSISTENCY - Our pickleball paddles are molded at a temperature of over 300 degrees Fahrenheit under 100 tons of pressure using epoxy resin. Most competitors mold their paddles at room temperature using standard AB epoxy. The result is a much stronger bond to the honeycomb inner layer that enhances the consistency of the hitting surface.
  • POLYPROPYLENE HYBRID HONEYCOMB CORE - The honeycomb interior of the PELLO pickleball paddle is comprised of 16mm of Polypropylene core for larger sweet spot. This was the original core in pickleball paddles and is still the leading core material today. This type of core begins as a cardboard-like material and is then dipped in resin. This resin creates an extremely durable material that is laid in between the two carbon faces.
  • Includes Premium neoprene sleeve!
  • USAPA Approved
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