Master Athletics Weighted Butt Cap

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The Master Athletics Weighted Butt Cap gives yet another option for a player to customize their paddle/racquet.  The 10-gram gold star butt cap is the perfect way to add an additional 10 grams of weight quickly and easily to the paddle/racquet, as well as helping give the player a more headlight feel.  Remove the original butt cap and simply pop in the weighted butt cap and you are ready to “Master Your Game”.

  • Includes 2 – 10-gram butt caps.
  • Easy to use: Remove the original butt cap (silver star), peel off the adhesive on the weighted butt cap, and replace it on your paddle/racquet.
  • Shifts balance to more headlight by approximately 2-3 points.
  • For use with the P3 series Pickleball Paddles, the M1 & Mpro Oval Platform Tennis Paddles, and the T100, T100 Lite Tennis Racquets
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