Wilson Ultra OS GRUUV Platform Tennis Paddle


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Featuring the largest head size in Wilson's entire platform line, the Ultra OS provides a combination of forgiveness, lightweight feel and raw power that is unmatched. Its head size measures in at 95 square inches, yielding a sweet spot that affords off-center contact for added consistency. Its Lite Density Foam produces notable responsiveness upon contact with the paddle surface, while GRUUV technology angles the holes for optimal spin.


  • Beam 21 mm
  • Core Type Lite
  • Head Size 95 sq in
  • Length 18 in
  • Weight 355 g


  • GRUUV optimizes spin and feel through angled holes that maximize ball contact on the paddle surface and allow edges to grab the ball more effectively
  • Lite Density Foam maximizes responsiveness in a lightweight composition to produce stronger results without suffering arm fatigue
  • No Grit Zone establishes unparalleled comfort by removing the rough grit texture from the bottom of the paddle
  • Killer Grit Technology triples the amount of grit on the paddle surface for extra control and feel for the ball
  • LH Technology delivers enhanced spin through an advanced hole-drilling process that maximizes hole sizing
  • Oversize head maximizes sweet spot for excellent for added forgiveness and boost of power
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