MotoSolutions FogTech DX Instant Anti-Fog (1-Packet)

Moto Solutions

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Features Highly cost effective as it will last many times as long as our current formula. Up to 5 times longer than the standard FogtechEffective in tougher conditions such as hot water spray, highly humid environments or when people are perspiring heavily.More applications from a single wipe - Up to twelve sets of glasses or goggles, five face shields>Small amounts of water or fog remaining on the lens won't affect the application.This new formula cleans lenses very well.

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  • TARGETED to PREVENT FOG: Fogtech DX is targeted specifically to prevent fogging on today's high tech plastics and glass. It quickly provides crystal clear vision through safety goggles, glasses, prescription glasses or face shields.
  • WORKS EXTREMELY WELL: Take a look at the motorycle rider. I coated only the right side of the shield. After breathing for 5 minutes, the right side is perfectly clear. And the rider cannot see out the left side which is now completely fogged.
  • SINGLE STEP APPLICATION: The Single Step Application is designed to get you back in the game or employees on the job inseconds. No rubbing means your expensive eye protection lasts longer without scratching or the wearing away of expensive coatings.
  • BEST PRACTICES: Fogging often causes the people to stop wearing their eye protection. Or they spend valuable time constantly clearing the fog from their lenses. Even so called ?Fog Free? lenses often lose their anti-fog effectiveness after a short period.
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