Viking O-Zone Lite Valknut Purple Platform Tennis Paddle


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The O-Zone Lite is the light version of the O-Zone Pro – it has the same characteristics but it is 10 grams (.4 oz) lighter. If you like the feel of the O-Zone Pro but have a moderate swing speed and are looking for even greater maneuverability, this is the perfect paddle for you. All new models feature our Carbon Fiber Stability System (CFS). CFS is a carbon fiber weave that wraps the entire throat of the paddle, giving it added stability and increased shock reduction without adding any weight.


  • Carbon Fiber Stability System (CFS): yes
  • Carbon mesh rim: yes
  • Weight oz/grams: 12.9/365
  • Power rating: 7
  • Core density: mid
  • Surface features: grit
  • Surface area: 82 sq. inch
  • Beam: 19mm
  • Overall length: 18"
  • Handle length: long
  • Balance: head heavy
  • Grip: supersoft
  • Grip sizes: 4 1/4
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